The MMA Thread: DON'T ASK 4 STREAMS & NO GIFS- Usman v Colby on SAT 12/14 @7PM on PPV


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Duffee being honest about his eye

Him vs the media is going to boil over after this
If rather see them honestly back out instead of risking harm. It isn’t worth it to him, especially after being away for so long

How many fights does he have left on that contract?
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Yeah, to Duffe's point during his media day rant, people forget these guys are human

Have no idea how many fights left but it seems like he's the type of fighter that will always get chances with Dana
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does he still have money issues. i remember him in the past talking about his spending habits
gaethje with the mercy and letting the ref know cerrone was done
I really hope not, but the crazy thing is he is a trust fund baby... yet he refuses to touch it for personal reasons

For all the damage he's taken and the shows he put on, I'd hope money isn't an issue for him
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Cowboy already getting interviewed, says he isn't going anywhere

I would like to see him fight Pettis or Dustin next, at 170. I hope they don't match him with another friend in Felder
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Cowboy had his usual slow start nd never really got going
He seems to struggle with high pressure guys who are a bit unorthodox. Cowboy usually gets better as the fight goes on and he comes on when his opponent gasses.

Impressive W for Gaethje who definitely deserves a shot after Tony or a Conor fight if Conor decides to come back by early next year. I think a Justin-Khabib fight would be competitive due to Justin's wrestling background and his leg kicks.
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