*****The New Official Jordan 11"Space Jam" 09 Thread ! Vol: No Bs Please !*****

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Originally Posted by YOUNG SERG

reading this forum is like watching grade school kids bicker back and forth...name should be changed from niketalk to SALTYTALK. youngins... and to the older ones like me bickering LIKE youngin's..shame on you times two

I'm telling you...the bickering is probably one of the reason ISS has been down all day

on a side note...I did cop my 11.5 from FNL this morning on the restock (or first run depending on how you look at it)
got my order confirmation and my first order from Shoetrends was attempted to be delivered today but will be here tomorrow.

these eBay prices are outrageous but I am not hating..this is America....get yours....it's called free market capitalism...
the value of these Jordans is the max price someone is willing to pay...economics 101....

to those that copped...good on ya...to those left wondering if your orders are going through...hang in there...and to those yet to get them...don't losehope...
these reseller prices will go down...a little....
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Originally Posted by raptors29

All these sites need to hurry up and restock. I'm not tryna see arguing in this thread.
I agree. I need to still get at least 1 pair to ball in.
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Originally Posted by AIR23JORDANXIII

You know the world's gone mad when 12 year old girls are buying size 13s so they can "flip 'em"...

Old ladies were sprinting to FTL, FNL, FA, and Champs yelling out "I"M PREGNANT, LET ME THROUGH!"

And nobody gave a damn, we just kept running, jumping over vehicles and stomping over the fallen.

I'll remember this day for the rest of my life.
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^^^^haha, i had to escort this 40 year old lady to her car from the store, the beast were lurking all though the mall last night.
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I went this morning but they run out in my size. I can only get them in sz 8. therefore, I gave up.

I think this time is going to be a GR. hopefully.
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Originally Posted by WallyHopp

Originally Posted by JN115

Should i just call finishline to see whats up cuz I still didnt get any order confirmation but they charged my ccard already? Thanks in advance
im in the same situation. CC charged instantly and nowhere to be seen is a order # or email.

they robbed me.. Ill give them until tomorrow and if its still pending, i guess a call is in order.

only the second pair of jordans that ive ever wanted. i guess it wasnt meant to be. ill continue with the others

Let me know if you get some information. Thanks in advance
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Got my pair last night for 122.50 with my employee discount. def worth all the hype. got the manager at footaction in my mall to hold my second pair. gonnagrab them tomorrow wen i go to work.
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Anyone who get em from finishine got shipping confirmation yet? I got my order confirmation when I bought them
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dang i see people going crazy for these and paying over $300.00 for them. if its that serious you should just forget these and focus on the 2000 space jams. noway these are worth that retail and no way in heck these are worth that resell/hypebeast price. good luck to those still on the hunt, and be patient bc justlike the 11/12 cpd, these will restock online little by little, just keep an eye open. also i would like to point out that robbing people for a shoe isretarded. its a shoe and should not be that serious if you cant get it, and if you have to go get the shoe strapped up, then your no better. chill out people,this is not the last we will hear of the space jams, bc like i said they will restock. jb is all about money, so why wouldnt they. their moto is quantity overquality, remember that!!!
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wait a couple of months and these will drop down to retail price. Ive copped over 3 pairs of CDP XI's for below $150 easily.
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you guys who ordered from FNL might not get a order conformation but you still will get the sneakers. The same thing happened to me last year with CDP XI/XII.FNL site crashed and I thought my order did not go through so I ordered from NDC and the next thing I know I got to boxes in front of my door, one from FNL andone from NDC.
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damn man.. This was the most difficult release I ever had to deal with.. shady stores.. sites crashing.. I had a much easier time gettin yeezys and there wasalot less than these!!
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lol @ "bigsupa".. he`s probably never seen the 2000 retros. thumbs up to you kid :tongue:

BTW: willing to trade my size 10.5 for other shoes pm me..
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Originally Posted by northsideboss82

Sad thing is,people are still in denial about this release,i bet you anything theres not a restock,wheres is the proof,theres alot of he say she say as far as restock is concerend,restock isnt garaunteed,like i said,you know how many stores that use to tell me oh dont worry we might get a restock shipment in next week,guess what my people,the majority of the time,they never got a restock,its a big maybe,wishing on a prayer as far as depending on a restock in concerend,yall shouldve researched the history of this shoe,rather than think it was just a normal retro jordan like most of them do ,and its funny that all these cats were thing just because it was GR that it would be a easy cop,dont worry though,yall can go eat up all of the other meaningless retros that JB is putting out right now like the ashy larry 6,s,the faded suede edition,and the flu games 12,s the faded suede edition,
,hahahahhhaahahahahaha,yall failed,bigtyme.
When people say restock they mean online retailers, FNL/Footlocker will have a restock, they always do, you just have to be on point when ithappens.
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Got my order through... man it really does PAY to have a fast internet connection. I was pushing almost 40 Mbps last night hooked directly to my modem. AND YESIT DOES MATTER HOW FAST YOUR SPEED IS.
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Originally Posted by Nikebacksthefalcons

Originally Posted by HOMERXXI

walked in around 2pm no problem for me , that one in the middle is good and bad luck for me
What happen to stores putting limits on how many one person is allowed to purchase?
that's why this shoe game has gone from bad to worst
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