The Nike Running Wagon Party @ The Embassy

Nov 27, 2000
The NIKE RUNNING WAGON is hitting SLEEPLESS at the Embassy super club this Saturday October 14.

Featuring the NBK DJ's!

Be first to join us in this blast from the past as we go back to Oregon in the 1970's..........

Hope you can arrive from 10:00 pm - 12:00 am


tell your friends that anyone in NIKE sneakers gets in the club for FREE before 11:30 pm.

See you there! :smokin
i already picked out my outfit.


[stuart] holla at a playa when you see him on the street! [/scott]
that serious?​
But on the realz tho. Is there any upcoming events in the Month of November from the 13th to the 22nd? I will be in PI. Just wondering if there is any sneaker event happenin around this time. Id love to check out the jointz back in the mother land.
i dunno about the nike thing, but i'm down for some VIP..

tired of just being IP..

that serious?​
just got back from the fort.. was @ embassy, a bunch of friends and i went.. cuisine was packed as usual, friends birthday was there.. embassy was packed as well... it was fun

i didnt get into VIP but i did get into VVIP, i was hoping to meet some NTers, but alas.. i didnt know anyone and was shy to go up to some random person and ask.. "yooo u from nt?" lol.. it was an aryt night, the dj was pretty good.. hella tall people,..
glenn who?

and it was packed but everyone was just standing around.

carlo left to go get drunk and i bounced to jaipur where people actually dance.
that serious?​
I was there with my girl last saturday but we left early (around 11:30, before the event started) cuz we have a bday party to attend too
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