the NT national summit meeting

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if everyone one NT was in the same place, at the same time...

let's just say a full convention center rented out with music, open bar, etc.


my first guess would be @instagram would grab the mic and point out The Fresh Prince The Fresh Prince and scream "I AM THE TENSAI OF NIKETALK NOW" while pointing at his chicago 1s...

also, what would happen to @AirRaab ??
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An NT general summit would be the only thing that matters. Them sneaker section visitors don't got no soul, B.

And cats will pee pee when they see me

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

formerly grimlock
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Am I the only one who has no idea who the **** OP was talking about?

Son, the only national summit i'm going to is the NT General Summit. I haven't ****** with anything outside of General for like 5 years now.

I don't even know what type of cornballs are in those other forums......

An NT General Summit would probably start off with Meth starting it all up....through conference call....then there would be a roundtable discussion on the significance of Banning Ninjahood with Bastich, Krux, Dirty, Animal, Ska, and via webcast from Alabama...JRose5.

Then there would be a photo and signing session with Ksteezy. It involves you taking a pic of him in a new outfit and then he signs the pic and charges a nominal fee of $50, but he also throws in free advice on buying a ludlow suit from J. Crew.

The rest of the conference would involve poster sessions on why you can't get any yambs, a definitive discussion on what constitutes "NT Thick", and a "**** the police" state by state analysis of why black lives matter.
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Can this actually happened if be down to chill with some nt folks

And it sucks to be the only nt in saint Louis :smh: :lol:

Nt car show :pimp:
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It seems actually possible, depending on how deep or serious anyone actually is about doing it.

The way I see it though, it would have to be an NT Summit East, probably in NY, and then an NT Summit West, LA, maybe LV.

Of course I'm only thinking this way because that's how Bimmerfest is done.
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Cross country trip to LA to meet up, all NTers ride out from the east coast to meet up and pick up others on the way
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