The official '20 NYK thread, Nate jersey retired

Metta World Peace for head coach?

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No shots at anyone but I know everyone says be patient with the youngins but when do you say he ain’t it and move on from them?
its a case by case basis for me depending on performance. It's a weird time in basketball where 18 and 19 yo kids who haven't done anything besides AAU games are better draft choices than a 21 yo who's shown some skill at the game of basketball.
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Had the day off so watched a bunch of Obi game videos. Saw some things I liked:

-Makes quick decisions
-Makes the right pass/moves the ball quickly
-Much better ball handle than I thought
-Plays to his strengths (quick post ups, trailing big, fastbreaks)

His ceiling being Amare is pretty damn spot on. Got some Kenyon Martin vibes too.

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I would like to make that 8th seed & flip some picks for a top 3 next year or 2022. There could be some franchise saviors next couple years. Can’t even say tank for X player because the lottery is fixed against the Knicks. Knicks need a Cunningham or a high potential playmaker. I like the idea of RJ in the backcourt. Let both share dishing duties. They have the tools to switch 1-3 as well.

As for current Knicks players, what would be a reasonable statline for RJ In his second year? I got 19/5/5.
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As for current Knicks players, what would be a reasonable statline for RJ In his second year? I got 19/5/5.
I think RJ can def avg 19 this season, that’s only 5 more points with a bigger role now.

With RJ, I’m keeping an eye on his percentages rather than ppg going into next season

FG% - 40.2
FT - 61%
PPG - 14

Could be over 20ppg with some improvements
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So y’all watch college ball now huh :lol:

Seriously tho the first 7-8 teams of next years draft gonna be happy as hell
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So that means we pick 9th
Knicks gonna be in prime position to finish bottom 3 then go on a meaningless 6 game winning streak when we hit that patch of the schedule where we play scrubs and it'll bump us to like 7th worst team and reduce our odds at the highest pick.
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aii so how long until we start turning on thibs ?
Id say after wE start 3-12 with inconsistent minutes across the board.

also get that dennis smith jr video outta here before i report.
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