The Official 2020 NFL Offseason Thread - Desean Meets with Anti Anti-Semitic group


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Luckily you can only get mono once so I think Darnold is safe

but then who knows with Gase
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Was about to say :lol:, would rather keep the established talent you already have over flipping them for picks when they still have years left on their deal

Not sure where Dallas's interest would be coming from if Adams is looking for long term security, they've already got a ton of money on the books the next few years and that's without their franchise QB locked up :lol:

Would've been better off trading for ET last year short term
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At this point I hope Cam is patient and doesn't try to settle for the first backup spot offered. He'd likely still be in the top half of starters in the league even coming off injury

There could be a few openings a few weeks into the season depending on how things go...:nerd:
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Go ahead and believe the Jets have plans to move him tho. He’s in year 4 of 5/rookie deal. Why would they from a business standpoint rush to pay him right this moment?

And I’m sAfE with the Flacco signing. Fales sure as hell ain’t Qb2 for this team. Same for Morgan.

It’s super easy to rags on the Jets, I get it. But you guys realllllllllly think I should be worried about Flacco at $1.5M?

Current GM didn’t draft him

I trust Joe Douglas
Douglas has openly said he wants to make Jamal a Jet for life.

It’s May 22nd. I ain’t worried about Jamal Adams’ contract right now.
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In all seriousness, definitely a good move bringing in someone established just in case it doesn't pan out with Darnold but I'll also say that I'd definitely love to see Flacco get burn out there this season...:lol:
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Lot of unexpected names near the top going off last years stats :lol:

Looking forward to seeing Kyler do work with those weapons this season :pimp:
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Is there a particular reason why the Cowboys keep getting brought up for Adams versus any other teams?
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