The Official Air Jordan 1 Retro Blk/Red "BANNED" Sept 3 2016

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been saying this for years. this would be way easier and it would eliminate resellers a bit too.
As has been stated plenty of times on this forum, Nike doesn't want this to stop. You know why you can pick up a pair of Nike Cortez and AF1 literally year round (with very few exceptions)? Because of the ubiquity; they are literally everywhere from NDC to Kohl's. It is rare you find anyone trying to resell these pairs just because everyone knows they can just walk into a store and get them.

Not sure how much it costs to make Cortez & AF1s (likely very cheap), but since they only sell them for $50 or less, the margins are lower. Not the case on these J's that literally everyone and their mom's want to cop. Higher margins mean it is in Nike's best interest to keep demand as high as possible. The easiest way to get that done? Constraint the hell out of supply. Yeah, they could definitely make enough for everyone if they wanted to. But what happens when everyone doubles, triples, quadruples up on Breds and they try to release it again in 2 years? No one is going to pick them up because everyone would have shoes on ice.

TL;DR -- Read this excellent article and realize that Nike has no problem with everyone taking them L's... they know you'll be back for the next pair -->
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somehow, amidst the frantic clicking and refreshing a SP order got through like an hour ago. Charged PP, lettuce pray.
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Last pair I won I decided not to pick up. So heads up to my Toledo fam HoH at Franklin Park will have a 10 at 6pm
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Wore my DMP 1's to pick 'em up too. Yes indeed, leather isn't butter on the '09s

Still can't believe I won a raffle for a pair of 1s & @ Finish Line (never won a raffle there before). I was only able to cop 6 raffle tickets. I thought I'd need way more. I hope da sneaker gods look me out for da black toes & royals. The difference in quality between my dmp 1s (on feet) & the 2016 are night & day :wow: :smokin :nthat:

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Got another pair from ntny. Was one of last batch of people to be let in. i had to pull some strings after i copped to get my size.



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Footlocker pairs shipped, they aren't messing around today.  Long wait due to the holiday though.
I got the Ups notification as well, came like 3hrs after the purchase from beastbay. Definitely the quickest tracking ive gotten from a online retail shoe store.
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its a top rated seller but it is not a shoe seller.. and it doesn't say it is authentic anywhere in the description
Ya that price is to low. After fees and shipping he wouldn't even get retail. Gotta be UA
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whats the diff between these and the 2013 beds? i cooked today just waiting for my pair to come in the mail won on snkrs app
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yeah that sneakerziller sticker is a huge red flag. the shoes pictured are real but thats probably not what youre going to get. someone ask them to send pictures they their name tagged. most likely wont get anything.
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Best release so far for me when it's comes to copping kicks. I got to see all my friends get their pairs and also help others who missed out get their sizes
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