The Official Air Zoom Kobe I Post

Jan 23, 2005
I tottaly messed up and lost the pics, if any one has them please post them again and ill fix it. thanks


Thought I'd make it a little easier and organized for all of you.

<u><b>The Air Zoom Kobe I:</b></u>

Release Date: 2/10 (Thanks Curly)
Curly will give you information on the possible All-Star colorway soon!!
Thanks to snuggles for the new pics



Other Post was to out of control and got locked....

Lets keep this one under control and organized.


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Nice job Koosh. Yea those 3 items that Koosh has posted is what i saw "ON DISPLAY" at a couple of LA FootLockers on sunday while looking for MITAs as i stated in the other kobe post. Ill try and have pics up later in the week.

Also, i hope they release that air max 95ish suit kobe was wearing at the sparks game that was grey and lime green. STRAIGHT FIRE :evil:

Good job cleaning up.
True Air Max '97 sz 11.5 or 12
Air Jordan III Any Color sz 11.5 or 12
Apple iPod Nano 4GB Black
I'm looking for these in any condition, used or new.Contact info in profile.
Earlier versions of this shoe were more appealing to me than these. Either way ill probably cop the first colorway.
Is it just me or did those White/Black/Red's look better in the catalogue sketch...
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pics of the clothing line from

kb sphere short retail price - $40

colorways: 137920-009 medium grey/black
-402 skyline blue/baroque brown



kb sphere top retail price - $45

colorways: 137927-009 medium grey/black
-402 skyline blue/baroque brown



kb sleeveless retail price - $35

colorways: 137929-010 black/medium grey


i picked up the kb flight shorts in grey. super comfortable. excellently well made. i'll post pics of specific kobe touches as soon as i locate my digital cam.
Blk/White, White/Caro, Black/Gold copped.

Is there going to be a true Lakers colorway produced, if so that would be :smokin

I need those phones...


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That actually looks pretty good on those headphones.

Is there any word if the actual Kobe line will reach that far? There are some nice possibilites.
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