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Do you think any of those products will remove the yellowing from the plastic between the leather and soles on my retro II?

It is just slightly yellowed on the inside of one and the outside of the other "Crispy white on the other sides that were facing down in the box". From where they have been sittting untouched in the box since launch and I smoke.... I just took them out to show someone today and was like WHOA! dang cig smoke.....Can some please help? I have never even got to wear them yet, now they have a slight tan and I would be embarresed to wear now...It kinda looks like how the middle of the III,s get just not as bad,Yet HELP PLEASE
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I will probably have pictures tonight of my V's I have been workin on with Sea Glow...I have just been workin on the bottom of one shoe and left the other yellow to compare the results...I will take pics of each shoe to show the results...personally...I can tell the difference...I'll post my steps and details on what I did to the shoe...
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there is really no way to actually stop the yellowing. the yellowing will happen none the less. especially for the midsoles of some sneakers. such as the III, IV, V, VI, VII< VII and so on.
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sticky it .. it actually does help a lot of NTers
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Can someone take a picture of the packaging of the barkeeper's friend product. I went to their website and a physical store. They have so many different products I don't know which one to use.
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alright alright....I have some pictures of my V's...First off...the bar keepers friend can be found at walmart in the kitchen cleaning supplies section...It has gold packaging...I don't really feel like taking a picture...but if you really need one...I could get it for you...let me know...It worked well on my Concords...but okay...to my experience...The soles on my V's were pretttty yellow...So I saw the post and ordered the Island Girl Product...This DID NOT work that well...I only gave it one try because then the Sea Glow came...SO I might give it another try in the future...But the Sea Glow came and I tried it...The first thing I did was get a toothbrush to use in the process and cleaned the bottoms of the V's with detergent/soap and water...Scrubbin with the toothbrush to get them clean...This acutally made them look somewhat better....So then I applied the Sea Glow onto the dry soles and scrubbed it in with the toothbrush...Just rubbin it where I wanted it to make the yellow go away...I pretty much had everything covered and would rub it in the best I could...Then It was out on the deck to sit in the sun with the bottoms facing directly at the sun...The pictures don't really show that much change...But I think it helped it a good amount...Might work more with more applications and sittin longer in the sun...keep in mind...i did this two seperate times but the shoes only sat in the sunshine for probably about 2 and half or 3 total hours...its not quit summer here in Ohio yet...So when summer roles around...it might help...who knows...but it was definatly sunny out when I put them outside facing the sun...If you have any questions get at me Here are the pics

Sea Glow'd shoe is on the LEFT

Sea Glow'd shoe is on the LEFT

Sea Glow'd shoe is on the LEFT

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i tried it on my cool grey xi's and it worked a bit. I can tell the difference but when i take the pics , you can barely tell. sea glow is better than nothing.
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im gonna try and do this to my SPACE JAMS.
wish me luck Team
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Hey airjrdan10! That's exactly what mine look like right now except I did the left shoe with Sea Glow and only cleaned the right! I noticed that the spots that weren't extremely yellow to begin with have now turned very clear! I'm in CA (bay area) and only put them under direct sunlight for about 4 hours or so. Keep up the great work!

I'm starting the right shoe tomorrow along with my columbia XI's. Again this stuff is awsome!
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just bought some sea glow. Gonna try it on my badly yellowed XI's I'll take pics so you guys can see if there really is a big difference
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I don't need them yet co'z my two pack of DMP is still DS.Maybe a year from now :lol:
....I'm glad there's a little hope for yellowing soles.
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OK....sooo i have applied the sea glow to the right sole of my cool grey XI's a few times....now the sunlight in massachusetts hasnt been too great lately however if you do look you will notice that it has begun to work and if i keep applying i believe it will work out very well...the picture shows the sneaker on the right having used sea glow and on the left i have used nothing....and it is more obvious in person i promise you...

I am at school and in my dorm room it is hard to put these in sunlight because no sun hits my side of the building lol...but anyway i hope yall dont try and say oh it doesnt work because it does...

And if you wanna see the new Red suede XXI detailed pics check out page 47 of the stickied XXI post
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any 1 knows if it will also work on white outsoles rather than clear ones? my IV are 6 years old now and the midsole are yellowing badly as well as the outsole, can i turn them back to white again?
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