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We all make dreams, we forget about some of them, but we also remember some ones, maybe because we woke up to go to the toilets or something in our day interpellates us.

Anyway, let's talk about those weird, funny dreams.


Google Translate brings you tonight:

Last night by davinelulinvega

I am in a place with a young woman who I like and who likes me, she even comes close to touching my arm a little from memory.

I'm trying to remember something she said shortly before.

So I put a video in my dream that I watch in front of us from a few moments earlier. And it seems completely normal that I am doing this in the dream.

Then I find myself indoors, in a sort of tribune.
I am dressed in purple, I think. I am Peele from Key & Peele. But at that time I think his name is "Pee".
At one point I have to act, but all I do is talking ( :lol: ) , explain to someone in my broken real-life English the difference between Rikers and I don't know what other prison, and that without ever having been there. , just like in real life, but from what I read in a hip hop magazine, a magazine that I actually read years ago in real life, maybe THE SOURCE dedicated to ODB.
In this magazine a rapper who had been in prison explained the differences between Rikers, a banal urban prison, and another very different prison, where the inmates were well fed, all kept in good physical condition, the racist guards with very explicit tattoos, and the possibility of escaping, because there was no barbed wire, however there was nothing for a long time and the guards could let go of the dogs ...

I talk and then, I don't know, we're in a prison and in a movie at the same time.
And there someone yells at me, I'm supposed to be connected to him and he yells at me because I didn't do what I had to do, and like I get up, or he helps me up, and he sees that I have urinated on myself, and he is shocked, and I stay there I think, not speaking, full of urine.

Then I wake up to go urinate and I tell myself that I have tried several threads but with all my dreams that I remember randomly there would be a way to try something if there is not already a thread on dreams , and especially if people have dreams as weird as mines and I could call it for example

Dreams + nightmares the official thread : may they be funny, awkward, weird, or scary

all in capital letters, for making it more official

And I will mark below:



Maybe it's not in this, when I think I get it, why didn't I keep it 😥
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