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2009-10 Season Preview


Welcome back for what hopes to be a great season for this young squad as we approach the team's first official practice on Friday's Midnight Madness (on ESPN U) at McDonough Gym. We keep our fingers crossed for a better showing than the embarrassing collapse of last season.  There's no denying that the Hoyas fell flat on their face in the second half of last season.  After a strong 12-3 start with major victories against powerhouses Memphis and UConn, the young squad seemed to be on the right track.  But a series of losses against Big East opponents, notably the two losses against St. John's (yes, St. John's)  in the second half of the regular season crushed hopes of a return to the NCAA tournament and the Hoyas finished 16-15.  The young Hoyas truly suffered from growing pains,but with this kind of embarassment hopefully has provided the motivation and burning desire necessary for this year's squad to prove the doubters wrong and storm into the season with confidence. 

At the end of last season, the last members of the beloved team that charged its way into the 2007 Final Four departed for places like Detroit and Scotland, bringing about an official changing of the guard, as players such as returning sophomore and Big East Rookie of the Year Greg Monroe and guards Austin Freeman and Chris Wright inherit the leadership roles of this year’s squad.  These three form the core of this year’s Hoyas.

Monroe, the Hoyas' highly touted recruit of last season, put smiles on the faces of many Hoya fans when he announced that he would put the NBA Draft aside and return for his sophomore season.  There is no question that he is the most talented player on this team.  But can he be the team's leader?  That is yet to be seen.  While the 6-11 Monroe scored in double figures 27 times last season and led the the team in several categories, this young phenom still is a work in progress.  He needs to get tougher in the post and be more aggressive with rebounding and blocking, as well as attacking the rim using both hands.  All eyes will be on him throughout the season.  He's got the potential to be one of the greats.

Although he is now a junior, Chris Wright got his first full year of playing time last season as he inherited the spot left open by popular guard Jon Wallace.  The dude's got talent.  I've been saying it since he was a senior in high school, dropping 30 points per game and showing his hops when he'd jump ball instead of a center.  He provides a level of speed that even the 2007 Hoyas did not have and he can use that greatly to his advantage, particularly in transition.  He's a pure athlete, BUT there is one main question about him and it's not just how he needs to relax and limit turnovers.    First, has he matured to be a team leader?  For those who may not have heard, he was involved in a halftime locker room brawl with teammate Jesse Sapp during the Hoyas' loss to Duke at Cameron.  He was one of the main voices of discontent, sowing seeds of separation rather than unity.  If he has grown mentally, the Hoyas will be better off.   

Junior guard Austin Freeman also makes his return to this year's squad.  While there is no doubt that he's a talented athlete, he's packed more than just a few pounds worth of McD's Dollar Menu items and chicken finger Thursdays at the cafeteria.  He HAS to drop some pounds if he's going to continue to play the 2-spot.  However, good news, according to JT3, Freeman has shed major weight in the gym without sacrificing strength, so let's hope we see some good things from this veteran.  He's also learn not to rely on his perimeter shot.  He could attack the basket with the best of them in high school and can add that weapon to his arsenal.

Sophomores Jason Clark and Henry Sims also return while other veterans such as the clumsy Julian Vaughn and utterly worthless and sad excuse of a “perimeter threat
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eh, don't really care, it was my thread in 07 when we went to the final four and i actually went to georgetown, so yeah...

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Would have preferred allen to start the thread as he is more consistent with the posting and updating.
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Originally Posted by JD617

How the hell did that name get through?
LMB joined in the good ol' years of NT before SNs were soscrutinized.

Allen has a bone to pick with you...
Its all love. LMB is a loyal fan like no other.

Would have preferred allen to start the thread as he is more consistent with the posting and updating.
Its not that serious. Allen can still post in this thread.
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i posted every pre and postgame in 07 and kept the thread going well into the summer, i think that would be pretty consistent. he can feel free to post what hewants, hoyas arent communists.
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[h2]Blue Ribbon preview is available on espn. (only posted final analysis since the full article is long)
[/h2]Full preview:
[h2]Team preview: Georgetown[/h2][h3]BLUE RIBBON ANALYSIS[/h3]

Talent wasn't an issue for the Hoyas last season and won't be again this season, although they'll have just 11 scholarship players with which towork. What it likely will come down to this season is how much the major contributors from last year's team learned from the ups and downs they wentthrough, and what they need to do to keep things on a more even keel.

A challenging non-conference schedule featuring neutral-site and road games should help prepare them for what lies ahead in the Big East. Monroe is goodenough to make a difference by himself, Wright and Freeman are on the verge of living up to their McDonald's All-American reputations and Hollis Thompsoncould be in line to make some big contributions as a freshman.

A finish in the upper tier of the Big East standings certainly isn't too much to ask for out of this talented group. Neither will be a return to theNCAA Tournament after the Hoyas' one-year absence. In fact, both should be expected.

"I think that the struggles we had last year have brought them a lot closer as we head into this year -- and that's not to say they weren'tclose last year," said Thompson. "When you look at our group last year, Greg was a freshman, Chris Wright was a sophomore but he was hurt most of hisfreshman year, and in many ways he was going through the league for the first time last year. Austin had some experience, but then he had to take on adifferent role than he did his freshman year.

"So it's a growth process. It's a learning process. We took steps, so hopefully last year was a building block for what we're hopefullygoing to do this year."
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Rakeem Christmas is visiting and that is HUGE.

I've been trying to track down Chris Martin, Jelan Kendrick, Quinn Cook, the big man from Montrose and a few others today to see who might show up as well

Monroe said he's committed to doing whatever it takes -- passing, shooting, being more vocal -- to ensure this season isn't a repeat of last. All his years playing hadn't prepared him for last March, when Georgetown squandered its final chance at redemption by losing to St. John's in the first round of the Big East tournament.

"I never felt like that before in my life," Monroe said. "It was heartbreaking for me, and I know it was for more teammates. Now, we're just channeling that into motivation. We're not thinking about it too much. But we definitely don't want that feeling again."

[h3]Chris Wright[/h3]
On what he's learned:
What I've learned as a player … is that at certain points of the game, there are certain plays you have to make… You have to understand the time and situation and that every point no matter if it's the 19 minute mark or the 30 seconds left on the clock in the 2nd half, every possession is very important, and I think some time we as a team took some possessions off and it hurt us.

On what he's taken from last year:
This year, when things get tough, we have to be more focused in the clutch and be prepared for whatever's thrown at us. That's about it man. Last season's over. We're just ready. We're ready for another season.

[h3]Austin Freeman[/h3]
On preseason workouts:
People are making shots. That's something we didn't do last year. Everybody's been working on their shots. I feel like we'll be fine. We'll be ready.

On communicating with each other:
That's something we didn't do last year as much. We didn't communicate. Communicating has been a big focus on our team this year. Everybody's been working on it. It has to get better though. Myself too. I have to talk too, talk more actually. Because actually, I'm more of a quiet guy. This year I have to talk more, encourage my teammates, telling my teammates what's wrong, what's right. That's something me and Chris and Greg have to do too.

[h3]Coach Thompson[/h3]
On this team:
I'm excited to get going with this group. I think that they've worked hard and smartly over the spring and the summer and the fall. They are anxious to get going, they are - this is probably an overused phrase in sports - they're hungry.

On last year:
The program, because of [gesturing to Patrick Ewing, Jr. in stands] the people who've been here, we have a foundation set such that we can go through a year like last year, and the sky's not falling in. That being said, this group was affected by last year - we all were. And this group hopefully will learn the lessons, and hopefully the steps that were taken last year will put us in a position of growth for this year's group but not to have the same ending.

On the Big East:
The league will always be tough. I spoke to a group in New York the other day and I said 'You know what, to be honest, if I'm lucky enough to be sitting here 10 years from now, I'll be saying the same thing.' I think what the difference is at this point between this year and last year we had probably three or four teams where we could sit here and say they're gonna make the final four, they're gonna win the national championship, and you'd say 'Okay. I can see that.' I don't think the conference has that right now. We may get to that as a league, as the year progresses we may get to that.

But the big difference is that the teams that traditionally have been the bottom of the league are the veteran teams are the experienced teams and they're gonna be significantly better. Once again I think the Big East, at least at this point, is a jumbled mess.

On trust:
Trust in each other is key to winning regardless of whatever sport you're in, regardless of what system you're in, regardless of what age it is, regardless of what sex it is, trust in each other and the team concept is imperative for success.

On whether there was a lack of trust with last season's team:
[Smiling] I think this group trusts each other.

On new Assistant Coach Mike Brennan:
I'm glad to have Mike here. He worked with me at Princeton, we won some championships together there. Since then he's won a couple more at AU. He knows the game; he can teach the game; he's a huge asset in terms of development individually as well as collectively.

On Hollis Thompson having practiced with the team last season:
I think that's a very good thing, a very good positive. He's a freshman, but he's not a freshman. He's a freshman but he understands what's it's like going through half a year of practices. He knows what we're trying to accomplish and how we want to accomplish it, so that learning curve is shortened. He understands what's going on, so in that regard it's very good. He's acclimated to college life.

As a kid, he missed his second semester senior year. That wasn't always easy. Take him and put him into an environment on the team, up campus, around college where all of a sudden everyone has settled into their routines. That was an adjustment for him. But now that he's gone through that, the fact that he has gone through that, he's more advanced for obvious reasons than any other freshman because he knows what we're doing.

On this team's experience:
I am glad that we have a core group with a lot of experience. And I'm not just talking about Chris, Austin, Greg. Jason played key minutes last year, Henry played key minutes last year, Nikita played key minutes last year, Julian played key minutes last year. So we have a group that is not bright-eyed, bushy-tailed.

We had a lot of people who played significant minutes last year who hadn't gone through cycles, who hadn't gone through the demands of the league. Us being young is not an excuse by any means. It's not an excuse, but it is a reality.

And a better word than young is experienced, because they're still young, but we have collectively across the board more experience this year, and there's no substitute for experience. There is no substitute for experience.

On why last year's team had troubles in the clutch:
That was new for me. My teams have always been terrific in those settings - when it's time to win. I take pride in that. So that was different. Now at the end of the day, you can go back, and there was no common thread. Experience is a part of that, trusting in each other and what we're doing is a part of that, being lucky as hell sometimes is a part of that. And so it was a lot of different things.
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Big Man U moves in silence. if outsiders dont get to him he's a Hoya


Markel Starks, 2010 commit
Nate Lubick, 2010 commit
Rakeem Christmas, 2011 forward
Quinn Cook, 2011 guard
Tyrone Johnson, 2011 guard (injury has sidelined him for football, making him available)
Darion Atkins, 2011 forward
Malik Kone, 2011 forward
Nate Britt III, 2013 guard
Kris Jenkins, 2013 forward


the 2010 class will add a wing (Kendrick, Roscoe or Tony Mitchell)

2011 must gets are PG and Big...Johnson/Cook/Kevin Ware....and Christmas and a bunch of other targets, Jordan Omogbehin, Deng Leek, etc.
other guys in that class are Michael Gbinjue, Branden Dawson, Mikael Hopkins, Chris Martin, etc
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adding kendrick or area dude Roscoe (a real gtown balla name) would round out a pretty nasty recruiting class with Starks and Lubick.
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martin is going to g mason tmrw night..likely where he ends up. love the kid and he wants to be a hoya with his dad and all but hes just not gona get an offer

tyrone is unsure if hes goin down.
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Originally Posted by shabooyah1124

Did G'Town get new jerseys this year? I saw the NCAA Basketball 10 preview and saw new jerseys there.
yeah we did. downy told me the same thing (that he saw them on the games preview) online store has them
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I'm real interested to see how Greg Monroe performs this season.

Even though some people find it boring, watching the Princeton Offense run flawlessly is just straight
to me.
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