The Official Hot Deals thread vol. Come ups

Joined Sep 15, 2009
Yo what's good NT? I just wanted to start up something everybody on here can appreciate and use. I will come through with whatever deals that I pass by which are worth mentioning.

To start off you pretty much get 2 Free Domestic or 1 international Rt Flight
Chase is offering 50,000 UNITED miles (2Roundtrip Tickets) as a signup bonus (after spending $250) for a UnitedMileage Plus Visa.Saw this on a blog:

According to this Flyertalk thread [], Chase is offering 50,000 United miles as a signup bonus (after spending $250) for a Mileage Plus Visa.
The offer isn’t available online, you have to call. From the thread,
Call Mileage Plus Customer Service (1-800-421-4655 for non-elites)
1. Choose “manage my account
Joined Feb 19, 2006
In reality, all you had to do was post a link to the forums on slickdeals, fatwallet, etc.

There are a ton of deals on the daily over there.

The first thing I do when I get to work is.

1. Check NT
2. Refresh slickdeals homepage
3. Check fatwallet
4. Check numerous Dodger Blogs (Dodger Thoughts, TrueBlueLA, LA Times)
5. Then I get to work
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