**..:The Official Jewelry Thread Vol. 11: AFTER 12 YEARS NINJAHOOD GOT DA JESUS PIECE & CHAIN:..**

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this is what i do... i got 2 chains 1 small cuban 6.5 and a rope 8.5 both with pendants...i tuck both chains in...when i just had my cuban i would wear that alone but now that i got both chains with pendants i just tuck it in... i dont want the attention and it just looks too gaudy to wear out both...i can wear one of the chains untucked but i feel naked not wearing both lol...i want a third chain something small to wear everyday and out not tucked in... was thinking a mariner with a iced out cross... if i did cop that would be my last piece of jewelry lmao
You'll be back.

That's what I said when I bought my first Jesus piece, and now I have 15 smh
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shout out to egaroc1 egaroc1 notified me bout my baby Jacob was in this pic of Nas and Kelis
that is likely the 1st mini Jesus piece in the Venetian style visage with lots of ice, that was a really good pick up. Ninjahood found a mini kufi that was still around 100 grams IIRC before I even lurked these threads but I still think that was 2006 or 07.
Found that Jesus piece don c was showing off it’s from a company in Tokyo called Instagram name neomercuryisnotdead
def not better than Jacob’s And stoneless too?? :smh:

appears to have that CAD face that other modern Jesus pieces have but I'm kind of relieved to see this isn't the new Kanye Jesus, I'm hoping he & Jacob came thru with some :emoji_fire: but I don't have my hopes up TBH.
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Was quoted for 40. A gram for a smaller 5.5mm piece. 14k

wanted to stack it with my 7mm. Cuban. Should I just get another 7mm that’s shorter.
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theconnect! you should post moar, you always gave good info about how much the pawn shop type of business price their jewelry. do you remember which size this Christ was? I don't like the bail that much & the crown looks better iced IMO:

other than that it's a good piece at a good price you've got there, I think this is the best type of non-iced/minimal iced Jesus if you don't like the bead setting stoneless Jesus that Icebox offers. another jeweler wanted 10 for it IIRC & I was skeptical when it was reported but it actually sounds about right when buying brand new from a store. I think Ninjahood said it was around 7 g's many years ago (probably slightly higher).
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Wasnt there someone in the thread that was JP moldings? :nerd:
I've obtained some scrap gold I'm gonna see if I can get some more and then take it to a jewler
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mines is called diamondnite dn1, it was accurate enough 5 years ago. not sure what happens to them over the years but apparently glass is diamond & diamond is moissanite sumtimes now. cz is still nothing tho oddly enough.
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