The Official Michael Jordan Is Grimey Post Vol. Post Your Own Stories

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In the vein of the recent thread on the GOAT, I felt like I should post up a story I heard from an old head today.  I was at the Mitchell and Ness store above the UBIQ sneaker boutique in Center City, where an old head shared a story with us. 

One of his dudes used to do security, back around '92 in Atlanta.  Jordan was in town for something or another and dude was his security for when he was at the old Run 'N Shoot. (Atlanta heads know what's up.)  At any rate, dude doing security said at one point he looked back in the van he was driving Jordan around in and MJ had two strippers from Magic City next to him, a bottle of Hennessey, and a blunt in his hand.  Mike was getting it in.
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To OP..I'm not sure how this makes him grimey tho..
He's grimey cuz he charges 160 bucks for his shoes when its mainly less fortunate, inner city kids who wear them 
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Originally Posted by keithsweatsjordans

I heard he had his own line of sneakers. Read it on Wikipedia though so who knows...
I think you're confusing him with Shaq...
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that story about MJ goin in on a dude's crush in a Restaurant was pretty funny.
MJ was mean muggin the dude the whole dinner.
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I heard Money Mike, stay dunkin' on dudes, on the low...
My source of information sent me this picture just now!

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