The Official NBA Season Thread

The weird Gobert fall away jumper is up there with my favorite plays in the playoffs so far. Imagine being a Nuggets fan and seeing that **** :lol:

Gobert has always had that in his game. Go back and watch some of his games when he was at Cholet. Finch gotta draw up more of that type of action for him

Tatum, Luka or Gobert getting a chip

This thread will be in shambles either way

If Pacers get one then we all lost doe

Siakam 2 time champ. HOFer?
Can they at least win the conference first. :lol:

Will say the trade put Ant in a position to play in games that matter and that is immeasurable.
I don't think so, i think it's prob worth it regardless of what happens.

if you tell me before, i make the Gobert trade.

You will have on of the best seasons in your franchises history and have a chance to make the finals?

I think you do the deal, even if you lose in the conference finals.
All I ask with slander is that people be consistent. If you are a face of the league/all time great, and Jokic has been elevated to that pantheon by most...

You'll catch heat no matter what. I don't think it's fair, but it happened to everyone. LeBron would be getting absolutely killed for it
this series was great for fact free analysis.

just hilarious watching all these people Bill Simmons, Charles Barkley ect keep calling to bench Rudy.

even tho the non Rudy lines ups were the only thing keeping the nuggets in the series. :lol:

every game rudy has the best plus minus, and people keep calling to bench him because the best player in the world hit some tough shots.

do better.
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