The Official NBA Thread: Pacers-Celtics Game 1 / NBA All-Defensive Team Announced

6’6” and doing this at the rim against bigs for your career is nuts. I remember dray locking up prime blake griffin and new orleans’ AD. Really one of the greatest/smartest defenders of this generation

I can’t be the only one who is looking forward to Lakers/Warriors in the play-in tournament? It’s looking likely too - the Rockets are unlikely to catch them, although the Lakers could easily get to the 7 with a few wins.

not a huge discrepancy but the opportunity to post the vid was tough to pass up
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Joker cardio kinda crazy for dude his size.

Wemby looked like he was weezing at various points.

Fun match up though. Joker seemed to motivated to cook.
Opposing centers heaving in the altitude while Joker just goes up and down the floor.
Holy S thought this Braxton story was almost over and then I checked


If I don’t hear about this corporate sponsor dinner with Coca-Cola and AT&T im done, oh and Scott Brooks?!?! Jumping out of a plane with a knapsack
Wonder how much of a menace Griffin was behind the scenes for the Bucks to make that coaching change, had to be a Grant Williams level of annoyance :lol: :smh:

I wonder where AG will pop up in the coming years. If he’ll be back assisting
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All the reports said Griffin was just bad at schemes and communication, players lost faith in him FAST.
Never understood why Steve Clifford kept getting jobs anyway. He’s been awful in the college ranks and professionally :lol:lol
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