The Official NBA Thread

Never thought Bronny was great, but the kid’s heart stopped and there were questions if he’d hoop again just a year ago. His dad’s height would’ve made things easier. Gotta be special at any height but 6’1” makes it harder.

Saying **** ball and learning how he can help turn his dad’s billion to 50 billion should be an option.
🎣 bait if I’ve ever seen it :lol:. Y’all know volume
Kinda funny how Steph does all those ball handling drills that help you multitask but then he's turnover prone because he loses track of all the chess pieces
3rd straight L after the annointing of the '2nd best' team in the East last week...

Closer to 7th place right now than they are to the 2nd seed :lol:
That was me who said that about Knicks. I already apologized to Knicks fans for apparently jinxing them.
Spurs need to trade Keldon this summer. Branham can probably do most of what he does. Hopefully can get more of a playmaker for others in there in return.
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