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paul rudd's living with yourself is ****ing hilarious. i like him as ant man but this show does a great job of portraying the range of dude's acting. he pulls off the desperate, hopeless and exhausted character hella well
Show was A1 binge material, basically a 4 hour long movie, Rudd’s range in this is masterful, you can actually tell which is on screen easily in how different he portrays both versions of himself....comedic actors are usually some of the best actors in my opinion....dope show.
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Cursed is the TV version of the still forthcoming illustrated novel of the same name. Tom Wheeler is writing the book, with illustrations done by legendary comic book creator Frank Miller, the writer and artist behind The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, and an iconic run on Daredevil. The series is about Nimue, a teenage girl who befriends a young warrior named Arthur and is destined to become The Lady of the Lake. The series reimagines Arthurian legend and will combine a coming of age story with religious and war themes. The show stars Katherine Langford as the protagonist, with Devon Terrell as Arthur and Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin.


Like many other programs on the list, The Magic Order brings to life a Mark Millar comic. The series is about five seemingly normal families, who are in actuality a band of powerful sorcerers that make up the titular order. Together, they must defend themselves against a mysterious enemy who is hunting and taking them out one by one. The source material is actually Netflix's first comic, so the adaptation is sure to do the book justice. The executive producers are Lindsey Beer and James Wan, the latter of which directed Furious 7, Aquaman, and jumpstarted The Conjuring Universe.


The iconic Bone, created by Jeff Smith, is finally receiving an animated adaptation! Starring Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone, the whimsical fantasy series essentially combines the epic nature of the works of Tolkien with classic cartoons and comic strips such as Calvin and Hobbes. The comic has won numerous awards, and the fact that it has taken so long to receive an adaptation was both perplexing, and also possibly due to how signature its art style is. Nothing much has been said yet for the upcoming animated series outside of its announcement, however.


Another Millarworld adaptation, all part of a deal with Netflix, American Jesus features a 12-year old who discovers that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Not only can he perform all of the miraculous feats, but soon, he'll also have to contend with the Anti-Christ and the coming battle of Armageddon. The series will be multilingual, featuring both Spanish and English. The series comes in the wake of an already controversial Netflix series Messiah. No cast has been announced yet.


Adapting a 2017 Greg Rucka comic book, The Old Guard is about a group of soldiers who suddenly find themselves to be immortal. The group struggles to stay together amidst their abilities becoming public, and the discovery of a new immortal. The cast includes award-winning stars such as Chiwetel Ejiofor and Charlize Theron, the latter of whom also produces the film. Love and Basketball's Gina Prince-Bythewood directs while Rucka serves as an executive producer.


Another adaptation of a Mark Millar comic, the animated Super Crooks sees supervillain Johnny Bolt attempting to gather a crew of criminals for the ultimate heist. These include the intangible gunslinger The Ghost, pyrotechnic The Heat, and The Gladiator, a blackmailed superhero with immense strength. Like many of Millar's works, the comic book deconstructed notable superhero tropes and archetypes, all the while combining them with elements of an Oceans Eleven style caper. The series will be one of several Western Netflix animated properties that the streaming service labels as anime.


Another horror series based on an IDW comic book, October Faction follows the Allen family, led by monster hunting husband and wife Fred and Deloris. They soon discover that their new home isn't quite as quiet as it seems, all the while dealing with drama from their twin teenage children. The show stars Tamara Taylor and J.C. Mackenzie as the parents, while Aurora Burghart and Gabriel Darku play their children Viv and Geoff. The series premieres on Jan. 23.


An exceptionally long time coming, Sandman adapts Neil Gaiman's legendary comic book from Vertigo/DC Comics. Based around the intricately detailed world of the once imprisoned Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, other characters include the rest of the family known as The Endless, made up of cosmic concepts such as Destruction, Despair, and Death. The comic's many times anthological narrative made the several attempts at adapting the series throughout the years into a logistical nightmare. The 11-episode season order should definitely help the show achieve its goal much better than a movie would, however. The Sandman comic book was revolutionary at the time of its release, and alongside Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns, paved the way for darker, more mature stories in the comic book medium. The TV series is created by Gaiman, David Goyer, and Allan Heinberg, but no cast has been announced yet.


Warrior Nun stars an amnesiac woman named Ava, who awakens to find a mystical object attached to her back, and herself in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell. Chief in that war is an order of nuns, who wield a variety of weapons in their quest against the forces of darkness. Based off of the manga-esque '90s comic Warrior Nun Areala, the Netflix version lacks the comic's protagonist of Sister Sharon Masters, but several of the comic's other characters, such as Shotgun Mary, do show up. The comic was notably controversial, namely for combining exploitative, cheesecake artwork with Biblical subject matter. The show stars Alba Baptista, Toya Turner, Tristan Ulloa, and Thekla Reuten.
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Finished You last night. Was surprised by the twist at the end.

Probably will start on Messiah next. Trailer looked good.
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The CIRCLE is actually pretty clever.

Being the 1st Season I can only imagine how much it will improve Season to Season because right now, it seems impossible to win.
It's too easy to lose, and too hard to win.
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