The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

Mister Meaner

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Number 7 is tripping while being tortured on Umbrella ☂ Academy. Welcome to the party, Mister Meaner. Glad I picked up the show again.
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So I'm watching Borat on prime, getting refreshed for subsequent film, next week and :rofl:
at the relevance this scene has, even though its 14 or 15 years old. Totally forgot he even did this, and I'm only 10 minutes in.
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That isn’t at all what I expected.
I’ve Never been so juked out by a Seasons Ending.
Got my ankles broke.
I must say, that was better than any ending I could have imagined. Queen Amena, wow.
Started Season2, this man killed Jesus? LMAO, okay this Story is pretty badass.
Druids Vanished
His old Preafectus that is now on the run, wonder what happens to him.
Season2 Theme Music kind of FIRE. 🔥

Show is kind of ****ting on otherPeriod Pieces in the same Genre.
I had no idea how FOUL Aulus was, fool ripped out that Broads Heart and And lay AFIRE to her whole Army. HAHAHAHAH
VERAN’s wardrobe looks like it’s YZY Season something. ...


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Finished Narcos Mexico. Loved it.

Gonna rewatch El Chapo since I never finished it and it's about the same timeline.

Wish Narcos was on HBO. Needed to see Isabella in a sex scene lol

Didn't know the white chick in Season 2 Mexico was Kevin Bacon's daughter :wow:


formerly akajaedeuce
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That Hubie Halloween was funny..I didn’t mind it overall..nice little message at the end
I was just gonna come in here and comment on it.

I didn’t watchbut my girl and her friend and niece were watching in the other room and they were cracking up lol they enjoyed it and the cameos
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Started Designated Survivor for some reason, was looking for a new series and the pilot got me. 9 episodes in and its kept my attention. Not bad, never into political type shows but I like it.
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Just finished “The Devil All the Time”. Really good watch, story was wild.

Movie was terribly executed.

Like I said in the Movie thread.

Skip this and watch The Place Beyond The Pines.

And I still don't understand Bucky's motivation for anything he did in the 4th quarter.

Movie would of been better at a 1 hr 40min runtime then the 2 plus hours it was.

Unnecessarily long.

If anything they should of used all the time they used to tell the dads back story and instead used it for the daughters.
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