The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

Mark Antony

Joined Apr 30, 2010
Queens Gambit is a good watch, I like Anya's face. Reminds me of a Puerto Rican milf I used to know with a similar face but hella ***.

Joined Nov 20, 2007
Crazy how it took this show for y'all to be up on Anya bae. Where were yall when Split came out? :nerd:

Been watching her movies for a while now.
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Joined Aug 9, 2014
Yea I just watched Knock knock after seeing y’all post about it. SO bad :lol: had to fast forward a good amount. Blonde chick is fire. It’s like 2 movies, the first part til the climax and then the stupid lunatic second part. Definitely do NOT watch with your girl :lol:
Joined Feb 6, 2011
Finished Too Old to Die Young on Amazon. Creepy show, but had me hooked the whole time.

Ain’t your typical show. Gotta be patient and be prepared for anything.
Joined Apr 23, 2014
That's The Last Kingdom
Gotta a question for you, you’ve seen enough to know....

I thought Ragnar was the coldest I’d seen, until Uhtred came along, I got to watch Ragnar fall off, so I tend to lean Uhtred, but then I got to thinking, Crowe as Gladitor...Spartacus, Hundred Eyes, Butler in 300 etc etc etc, now I’m perplexed.

Question is, who is the baddest Warrior on TV or Big Screen, before Guns came on the scene?
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