The Official Nike Air Max 90 Thread

Joined Mar 13, 2017

JJS is trash. Whoever runs that factory in Indonesia needs to get their *** beat.

**Everyone check your pairs.**

Factory ‘JJ’ is doing good ****.

‘JJS’ however can go right to hell
interesting observation but not sure about that. my royals are probably the best of all my pairs and have JJS on the tags.
Joined Apr 23, 2015
Well, I copped my purps “sight unseen” and they came in just as described in the product photos. Again, do y’all tho lol. Cherry pick away and match up that “perfect pair”. Keep believing there’s actually a vast difference between one shoe to the next. IMO all that is a waist of time and shipping resources in most cases. Especially when it comes to men’s Purps. I can understand cherry picking at the store (I do that) but buying 3-4 shoes online to match one “decent pair” is ridiculous to me. Get em how you can get em. The shoe is the shoe. They’re all the same on foot. Even you’re “decent pair” will have inconsistencies and won’t actually be perfect. It sucks that people really thinks this is necessary. To each his own.
I get all that. But dont judge me

You act like i have the same luxuries you do. Sz 14s dont exist anywhere close to here. Its a waste of my resources to do what you get to do without thinking twice about it. Im not driving 5 hours each way for this. And stop pretending there arent good pairs of these and pairs that look like the ninja turtles sewed together
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Yeah, driving the two hours each way to the closest store seems like more of a waste of time than having ups come pick up a package.
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Right now im thinking not only do i want Volts, Turqs, Royals and Grapes, but they all need to be a JJ pair or else it wont sit right lol

If the volts coming in are Jj im good. Purps will be easy to get right when the time comes. But if these volts are jjs its gonna get rough quick
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After a month of dicking me around, Nike finally cancelled my custom 90s today. Funny too, because I got the email that they started them less than a week ago, hours after an email saying I'd be refunded $50 for my troubles. I called about it and they said that it was a material shortage due to the rona, but couldn't explain how they'd already started making shoes they didn't have the materials for. They also didn't tell me how they're going to make it up to me when I mentioned "if late shoes are worth $50, what's an even worse situation worth", said they would get back to me. I'm ****ing pissed, and still don't get how they're making one of these but not the other.
Damn. Did you get the "We've started" email for both designs on the same day? Were they both purchased in one order or separate?


Joined Apr 20, 2019
Damn. Did you get the "We've started" email for both designs on the same day? Were they both purchased in one order or separate?
One is a friends, both were ordered the same day and we both got the started email the same day, long after a lot of people already had their pairs in hand.
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