The Official Nike Air Max 90 Thread

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honestly, for this AMday i would have liked a perfectly executed AM90 infrared as was the 2017 royal/blue AM1 from march (lol I almost got it wrong and wrote "from mars", I was already wrong one time and it made a lot of people laugh :tongue: in France mars = march) , laser blue too i would have liked but a good laser blue not a cheap version! imo the duck camo could have been released later... just my 2 cents

otherwise i'm really happy with my royal pair, because that certainly i will cop later the volts (i'm not a fan of the purple sneakers, for me the royals pair are better than the purples, like the blue TN anniversary was better than the purples :tongue: but like i said it's just me, my tastes), the turquoises are cool too i must say...
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For real? I love the purples, bro. They’re pretty dope. I think they might drop states side tomorrow. For those who strike out with the duck camos. If they do, I hope they don’t sell out. I Still need a good pair.
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Struck out on duck camos on sns and EU sneakrs. Hoping that I come through on End, Size? or Bait.
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Ok I lost on end both the chrome pair and also the camos but since I got the londons last week I doubted I'd get lucky twice in a row. I guess its resale for me.
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Need sizing help... Thinking about pulling the trigger on the volt, royal, and hyper turquoise colorway... How does the fitment of the newer AM90's compare to the vintage and 2015 am90 infrareds? Those were the last two am90's I bought. I had to go up .5 up on them.
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Sorry man. I really thought that they had made plenty of them as, like said earlier, I never ever hit lucky on raffles. I guess this was my lucky day for a change.
i think you got lucky this time and happy for you, enjoy :smile: In the meantime i received another L from END haha.
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Paid resell for size 13 reverse camo, had to go ahead get it done. Must have. Will try SNKR's for a second pair.... Good luck today gents.


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I’m sure remastered infrareds are coming soon, but Nike dropped the ball by not releasing them during air max month.
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