The Official Nike Air Max 90 Thread

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Yeah that's the old school way to do it. Although, depending on your anatomy, it could be way too much or too little. My thumb is an inch wide, so I use half a thumb lol

1/2 inch of space (while standing up) between the end of your longest toe and the end of the sneaker...that's usually the sweet spot.

Your feet swell throughout the day (and they do elongate with age). That's why runners usually allow as much space as possible without compromising lockdown.
I used to be really into dress shoes/boots for a period of time. The fact is, not all shoes will properly fit everyone because of the shape of their foot and toe space is not a proper determination of fit. The proper way to determine that is the ball of your foot lines up with the widest part of the shoe. So regardless of how long your toes are, you shoe size would be the same.
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L les_diabolique very true, and I agree about the measurement of the ball joint of the foot lining up with the widest part of the shoe.

I have a hell of a time with dress shoes. I'm a size 14 and some styles can add like two inches on top of that 💀
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Cats on Ebay be blowing me sometimes. cats put down OBO but they dnt want no damn offer, literally put a bid $20 less than the price listed and get immediately turned down. Just take off the OBO option!!! I cant find a dude for the price im looking for trying to stay strong man
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I completely forgot that the Green on the Duck Camo's is actually "Ghost Green" not Electric Green/Lime like on that OG colorblocked pair.

Air Max 90 - Duck Camo Lime+.jpg

Fortunately, there is a "Ghost Green" sole in the same colorblocking as the Limes... The difference looks to be subtle, but I think going with the Ghost Green sole is the move. #details

Air Max 90 - Duck Camo Ghost Green.jpg
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I got mine through a raffle at Up There Store in Melbourne, but theres heaps of people selling them on Aus Sneaker Facebook groups. Ebay would have some too im sure.
Thanks mate, do you have a link to the Facebook group? I haven't seen any in the groups i'm in/.
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