The Official PlayStation Thread | PS5 UI REVEALED | PS5 RELEASES 11/12 FOR $499 / $399

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what’s reset? I’d really like to read why they think it should be free. Because they bought the original?
Some confusing messaging in the presentation.

If you buy Miles Morales for ps4 you get the upgrade to ps5 for free.

The main difference here is this Spider-Man remaster in the ultimate edition is more than just the ps5 version.
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what’s reset? I’d really like to read why they think it should be free. Because they bought the original?
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Getting back into gaming, getting hacked is what I'm afraid of more than the system catching on fire, (exaggerating, more like hardware failure). Gotta make that a priority when I hook it up.

I pre-order Miles Morales Ultimate edition yesterday. It's all new to me since I had Xbox previously. I'll get my $70 worth and play it until 2k21 goes on sale. No way I'm paying $70 for 2k
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People think remasters are just upscales.
Well yeah when dumb remasters are done like what 2K did with Mafia II and Mafia 3 they didn't do a complete tear down, and remake like they did for Mafia I. Same goes for LA Noire on PS4.

If a game studio or dev isn't doing a proper remake or remaster themselves internally or using a legit company like Blupoint games then yeah those remasters & remakes are TRASH.
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Some good sales on psn if you’re looking to play a game or 2 while waiting for next gen. All resident evils, kind of fighters, gravity rush 1 &2 for under $10. Picked up resident evil revelations 1 and 2, resident evil 4 hd, and gravity rush 2
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I think you're speaking about the Big in Japan sale? I usually find 3 or 4 games irresistible but was able to go through and not buy anything this time.

Although, the Trails of Cold Steel sale pricing is tempting.

The most sobering thing is seeing the "Purchased" instead of a price and realizing I still havent even booted it up on more than a few games in that sale.... :smh: I havent seen a flash sale in several months; those were the hardest to resist.

By my count, I have purchased 21 games this year while having completed (or played and been content with being finished with) 45, which makes this probably the first year I have ever played more games than I have bought.


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Good convo about 2-step verification. You guys reminded me I should set it up.

500 games tied to my account, probably a good idea... :lol:
Yeah I had it setup before but removed it.

I set it up again with the quickness after reading blackboyfly blackboyfly 's story about his boy getting hacked. :lol:
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