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Alot of the dorms at my school are like tiny...too tiny for one, yet they fit two people. If you're fortunate like me, you have a better chance of getting a nice-sized, air-conditioned room if you have asthma or some other medical condition that requires ac (no open windows, fans, etc). Its so many people at my school, that alot of upperclassmen still get crappy rooms. Since I was a freshman people been telling me I have one of the nicest dorms on campus.
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after a while you freshmen will realize that no one cares you have 30 pairs of shoes in your room...and they're going to become a pain in the @#%$ to move back home
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^^ i dont know about you, but i have more than 30 paris in rotation that i go through every couple months, i rarely wear the same pair of shoes in a week. in my dorm room i had almost 50 pairs stacked in the top of my closet and under my bed. it wasnt about who thought what about my shoes, it was so i had the ones i wanted in rotation from september untill thanksgiving. (i wasnt one of those kids who went home once a month, the only time i went home was when the dorms closed for holidays and i had no choice but to leave)

By the way, Im a GIRL, but does it really matter?

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After a while you'll realize that some people don't wear shoes to impress others but for self enjoyment.
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^^^Exactly, totally agree with werdnak
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i dont know about u guys but I go to Purdue Calumet and when U move in they provide these little flat carts to stack ur stuff on to bring too ur room. WHen I moved all my shoes in, people were going nuts... yelling out of the window... screamin "OH Crap, look at his shoes" and dang, he has alot of shoes. givin props and such... Even peoples parents were commenting.. me an my buddy jus laughed and went on... I didnt even kno it was that big of a deal... it was kinda of funny tho.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]they provide these little flat carts to stack ur stuff on to bring too ur room[hr][/hr]

we had those when i moved into my dorm too, and my parents brought a wagon to get the heavy stuff up. we didnt really need to use it anyways bc when the freshman move in at EMU the greeks and sports teams help move in the freshman so the freshman can do other things like get room keys, register for this and that for the dorms, etc... i had some guys from the football team carry my stuff up and i remember one guy telling me he has never seen a girl with that many pairs of sneakers before.
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raburns, im thinking if ive ever seen you up there? i usually only see people wearing birkenstocks on campus haha. nice dorm though
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This post is awesome. I'll post after my lady friend comes over this weekend and drops off some stuff.
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