**The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

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please stop enabling his nonsense...
^^^Say that.

On the Ralphy tip, copped that vest. Thanks again to those who helped me cross one off an increasingly short list. Still shocked how that joint that seemed like the massed produced piece in a line that you could pick up at anytime on-line later, (like the matching pants), turned out to be uber-rare two years later in anything above a medium.
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Gahh damn... good looking out on whoever told me about the myukmailbox.... that VAT is no joke... paid 453$ for that damn crew neck after the VAT
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Rico's new clothing line!

Only worn by those who know....

People that wear polo would not wear it.
Thats why I chose beach and cruise apparel.
Polo people wear collared golf shirts not location authentic

A polo person would not wear a terry cloth robe with a trophy on it.
Versace people would. Huge graphics and saturated colors are not RL.
RL clothes are designed to fade.

Different aesthetic completely.
You would never get a lime green crest sweater anymore.
Color is too saturated. RL uses red blue and white mostly.
Designed to fade.

A person that wears a terry cloth tiffany blue robe with a photo realistic print
would not typically wear polo. Thats more of a versace moschino aesthetic.

Im not competing with Polo. Younger demographic is what I do.
No 40 year old would wear a huge photo print on a robe. A 25 year old taking a balcony selfie would though.

Im like Gatsby. I expect the hate. The poor kill the hustler.
Old money always wins.
But unlike gatsby, I see the big picture.
So I have a thick skin.
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Finally got this... Probably the number 1 piece that was on my wishlist of stuff from last 5-6 years. Have had the matching pants since the collection came out, and just been biding my time...
Niiiiiice ... been eyeing this piece myself for a while. Waiting for the price to drop a bit more before I pull the trigger. How’s the fit? True to size or does it run more fitted/a size smaller?
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Niiiiiice ... been eyeing this piece myself for a while. Waiting for the price to drop a bit more before I pull the trigger. How’s the fit? True to size or does it run more fitted/a size smaller?
if I had to guess... I'd say it's close to custom slim fit sizing from polo.

Wasn't sure how it was intended to be worn, so I had difficulty deciding.
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Latest Purchase:

After 15 years, I finally found the Polo Patchwork Tweed Sportcoat shown on the 2006 Fall Runway. This wasn't available on RL.com at the time, and no sales associate succeeded in finding the coat nor the sku number for me. The jacket surfaced once 10 years ago and I regretted passing on it, as I never saw it again. This is the one that started my love for RL true Patchwork with small, heavy, overlapping fabric swatches. This is not the same large panel, low production cost Patchwork Sportcoats RL is producing today. Even better, this 2006 version is made in Italy, and tailored fit right off the rack. RL doesn't make them this way anymore.

I'm getting close to the end of my RL Wish List; There's only 2 items left on it which I'll enjoy continuing to hunt. After I find those final items, I'll hang it up and focus on current releases that meet the RL Standard for quality.

As usual, I have to put a mark through the photo that's been on my Wish List for the 15 years.

Back to the hunt....
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