The Official Suggestion/Q&A about OTHER MUSIC Movement

Apr 21, 2005
Inspired by the Clipse movement, it's time to show love to other genres. Tired of seeing Lil Wayne and Drake in every subject? Come here to get away fromit all.

To start it off, whats the Flaming Lips' best album? I'm only familiar with At War with the Mystics, but I wanna dig deeper.

Oh and to give some credit to the Clipse..
"So much shake in the street they measure my weight in Richter"
good luck with that
Damn...been busy with finals and moving........havent watched TV for a month..loved the first 2 albums...thanks for the info.
Dapper D wrote:

Originally Posted by USA Pride4Life

good luck with that

... Don't Wayne got a rock album coming out

I hope not

Franz Ferdinand is decent

Lets talk real music
Jazz Early & Modern Jazz Diana Krall, Dave Koz, Bobby Caldwell, Joe Sample,Miles Davis,Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Richard Elliot, John Cultrain, KennyG
Classic Rock/Pop Journey,REO Speedwagon, Hall & Oates Bee Gees, Carole King, Ambrosia and Billy Ocean

For some reason I just can't get into newer Rock Music

R&B- Not even going to start I could go for DAYS
I'm gonna bump this and by other music I mean anything. Open discussion. Questions about anything or come to get suggestions. For example, for peopletrying to check out rock, see: Jimi Hendrix- Are you experienced?, Radiohead- In Rainbows, Kings of Leon- Only by the Night, and Sublime (self-titled). If youdon't like any of those, you probably won't like any rock.
Do any other Radiohead fans not like In Rainbows? I mean, its ok, but I prefer every other CD (minus Pablo Honey).
Honestly, In Rainbows made me a true fan of Radiohead. I think it's really unfair to say it's "ok". Reckoner and House of Cards are some ofthe most beautiful songs I've ever heard.
Alright so I have a question for you guys. I'm pretty familar with my mainstream music and I think I have good taste as far as mainstream music, butI'm not really familiar with indie/less famous bands. Can you recommend anything? I'm looking for bands along the lines of Kings of Leon and MGMT.
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