The Official Undershirt, Boxers, and Socks Thread Vol. Underdressing Better.

Joined Jul 20, 2007
I haven't seen one of these made in a while, but we should see what's the best.

I'm actually in the market to spend a few hundred on new undergarmets.

What kind of under****s ya'll rocking? boxers?, socks?

Right now.

Roundtree and York have thick undershirts, i like staffords too

or the long hanes to keep me right

boxers, roundtree and york, and hanes, they got good elsastic bands

but them old navys aint whats poppin

socks, jordan or footaction socks.

i needa step it up word to heading to work in j crew.
Joined Nov 21, 2006
im rocking the manties son
...that way i can be stylish but still have plenty of breathing room for mr. peter

Joined Jan 5, 2003
I stay with the cheapest undershirts and socks. Anyone who pays anything more than average for these items is just lying to themselves. I go through every single day forgetting I have an undershirt on and not noticing anything wrong with my socks, and they are gutter cheap.

As far as underwear, I made the jump to Hanes boxer briefs a few years back... regular boxers are useless. The complete lack of support and constant wedgies led me to the switch.
Joined Mar 29, 2002
these undergarments are amazing

ergowear's are my favorite undergament in my rotation
tulio slinky's pretty comfortable imo

Obviously  - these feel great I wear these to the gym.

next purchase: - underarmour boxer jocks or another pair of ergowears


Bannana republic, the gap, polo




Next purchase - Adidas formotion
Joined Jun 28, 2007
I only wear Hanes when it comes to underclothes. Boxers, socks, tees, wife beaters. Only Hanes. I love their comfort
Joined Aug 1, 2005
was going to post the Trick Daddy "shut up" video, but can find a version that will let me embed it .....

either way " nothing but polo socks, tanks tops and drawers under my pants and ishhhhhhh"
Joined Nov 17, 2007
i miss the extra thick fruit of loom t shirts i use to get at sams i cant find them anywhere
Joined Mar 28, 2009
Bout to cop some Polo Tees...

got the nike socks on deck

go the hanes boxers on deck

does it get any better than that?
Joined Mar 5, 2005
TJ Maxx and Ross usually have Ralph Lauren undershirts if you guys are looking for them.
I need to find a new cheap boxer brand, my van heusen one bore me.
Joined Dec 25, 2007
Just bought some polo and ck vnecks from marshalls. Pack of 3 for 15 each. Polos are really nice, but very thin and are cut deep. CKs are thicker in comparison and the neck is much smaller.
Joined Mar 28, 2009
i went to marshalls they aint have none..smh...there no local tj maxx in houston that i know ross is the spot right?
Joined Aug 2, 2006
Nordstrom under shirts--crew and v-neck. They come in three-packs, are cut a bit longer (supposed to be so that they can stay tucked in), and are very soft/thin.

Hugo Boss boxer briefs--also sold in three-packs. The black, grey, and white bundle got me
. They're cut much shorter than the Fruit of the Loom ones I had to buy one day when I couldn't make it home one night. The FOL ones were damn-near to my knee! The Hugo Boss ones are really soft, too. Not particularly supportive, but very, very comfortable.
Joined Aug 18, 2003
Undershirts - Polo, Hanes, Gap

Boxers - Polo, Hanes, random brands. but like you said has to have good elastic bands.

Socks - Nike
Joined Feb 17, 2004
Polo, Hugo Boss, or Burberry Boxers and or Trunk shorts. Same brands for Tee's and Polo Socks only.
Joined Oct 31, 2008
Aeropastle, American Eagle and Gap Boxer Briefs.

AE usually has them 2 for $20

Aero usually 2 for $15 for new ones, out of season are usually $3 each

Gap is usually 2 for $15

Socks are usually footlocker or footaction, i wear No shows

At work I wear Gap Socks, or Banana Republic

Usually wear wifebeaters, but under my dress shirts I wear Hanes V-Necks
Joined Jun 11, 2006
not to get too off topic,
but how often do you guys throw away socks undershirts and boxers
and add new ones to the cycle
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