the OFFICIAL "What college u go to?" thread

Jan 24, 2005
i figured since its august now, and kids is bout to head off to college... it'd b a good idea to get a head count of who goes that all the new freshmen (such as myself) have a lil network ya dig? i guess to ease the transition into new where ya goin?
i'll start it off... Norfolk State University...anybody else attending and if anybody is already down there from that area, what can u tell me about it...wheres a good barber shop FIRST off??

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is this a brag thread? lol...

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and as for the post starter...i go to Kappatal Kuts...Norfolk is a good place for shoes since they have Commonwealth, Sole Brothers, Score and numerous SB shops

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thanks to everyone who contributed...and i didnt mean for this to b a brag thread but thanks for the info...i was hopin it just make it easier to make connections once u get to school u kno since u already know somebody on campus from niketalk so u kinda already got a friend...MysteryMan, is kappatal kuts in Military Circle? i'm kinda familiar with the area since my grandparents live in VA beach but what year are u?

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