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It was fun playing with some of you folks on COD. Gotta play again. We went 3-0 before I logged off to sleep
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It solidifies it for me. Jaggies and shimmering are one of the most annoying things for me with games.

It was really bad in the older builds of FFXV, especially their hair. Hopefully the pro gets rid of all of it by downsampling.

If you get a good trade in deal for the OG or have VR then it's a worthwhile IMO.
The trade in deal is what will determine the purchase for me. If I can get this for about $250, then I'll jump on it.

My biggest fear is the Pro's life cycle. I imagine that the PS5 is a few years away though.
no more generations, just hardware upgrades

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PS5 in 2019 seems ideal to me. PS4 for 3 years, PS4 Pro for another 3 years.
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My man!!! We need to get the old crew back together. Booting up that game brought tears of joy to my face. Anyone I used to run with, add me! New name, same Mo PSN: BatmanObviously
Hey man, hit me up let's run a few games.  I don't have the game yet because why are they forcing us to buy IW and this isn't a stand alone game.

The first time we ran we in 2007 (first tournement lol).
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has it been shown to actually help vr tho

I'm waiting for Digital Foundry to drop some comparison videos since the NDA ended today but a German site posted some comparison pics of London Heist

View media item 2223275

Pro version has better IQ overall but still waiting to see more games.

Here's the improvements in Rez Infinite:

Similarly, those of you who have PSVR hooked up to your PS4 Pro might notice Area X looking a little different than you’re used to—that’s because the image being passed along to each of your eyes is being rendered at a higher resolution (1920 x 1080, instead of 1440 x 810 on a standard PS4), before being passed to the PS VR headset. Even though the final resolution displayed on the headset is the same either way, the extra rendering from the PS4 Pro makes a difference: each particle looks a little more clear, a little more solid, adding up to objects and enemies that look more distinct and “real,” whether close-up or at a distance.

On PS4 Pro, Thumper will render at up to 4K resolution (With no upscaling!) for the ultimate high-gloss HD experience. PS4 Pro also enhances the VR rendering quality while maintaining the same rock-solid 90 frames-per-second. We’ll have more details on our PS4 Pro support soon!

For anyone even remotely interested in VR or thinks they'll get VR at one point in the future, the pro is a must.

The trade in deal is what will determine the purchase for me. If I can get this for about $250, then I'll jump on it.

My biggest fear is the Pro's life cycle. I imagine that the PS5 is a few years away though.
They've described the pro has a mid gen upgrade so in that case the pro will last for at least 3 years.

PS5 will need to run 4K a lot better than the pro so the tech needs to be there at launch and a big jump from the base PS4 and pro.
I won't expect it till 2019/2020 so more than enough time to enjoy the pro.
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when and how long is the trade in deal?
I'm not exactly sure. From my understanding, $150 is the current trade in value for a 500GB PS4; it's not a deal or promotion.

I believe I mentioned it before, but Gamestop did a promotion for those trading up to the Xbox One S where the 500GB Xbox One console had a value of $175. I was hoping they'd do the same for the PS4 Pro.
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What are some good characters for a Overwatch beginner?
When I jumped in, I gravitated to McCree and Reaper for offense, Bastion and Hanzo for defense, Reinhardt for tank and Mercy and Zenyatta for support.

I started there and checked out everyone as I progressed.
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