The Real Housewives of... Vol. The Queen Host

Nov 16, 2018
Discussing this show apart from behind closed or on the internet isn't something I'm trying to do for social reasons & I haven't watched reality tv in years. Whoever, THE QUEEN has blessed us in appearing on and HOSTING The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion for season 6. I have no clue where "Potomac" is but, the dopamine rush I got from the drama was sick.

The tea, The Tea, THE TEA!
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Now I'm not going back to watch old episodes because I'm a grown *** man, but from what I saw Chile, the tea was exquisite.
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:sick: Magic33 Magic33 you peep this ****? I watched part 3 of the reunion last night and I can't wait to watching part 4 tonight. Hell, I might even order a pizza, chile. I'm not gonna tag grimey individual to swerve a contention, but I'm willing to bet "finessed" his way into watching this as.

One of the highlights from this is when that one womans husband (he looks not not gay) was a whole man butt grabber & said he would do mouth another mans noodle, but she wants to get mad when the drunk husband is having fun and serving life to the party. Not to mention, she looked away while her husband was doing the man butt grabbing. She's a hypocrate, and she dumbass excuse as to why her husband doesn't wear his ring. She's so damn dumb.

Anyway, Big Nick's hair looked beautiful w/ her complexion. The Queen is glowing.



Oct 27, 2007
Potomac Is In MD Just North Of DC Up The Potomac River. It's The Wealthiest Area In MD.
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