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Jul 13, 2005
what up NT Canada?
new user here kinda...been readin the forums for about 5 years and had an account for about a year but nothin really interestin to post...anyways I've been workin on a Canadian basketball clothing company (ReDefintion) and wanted some feedback on designs...I have about 10-15 so far but heres the main logo....any feedback or orders( Final designs are coming in the next week)...Thanks

"heart of a lion...eye of the tiger"

Thanks for the feedback so a main logo I do believe it is a little busy so I have been workin on a few more simple designs that I will have done in the next few days. the little "bling blings" will be taken off on the clothing as I think it'd make the look tacky...instead of usin this as a logo its just gunna be the first design...Thanks alot for the feedback tho keep it comin...
i think it could use some work, it's a little too toy graffiti lookin for my tastes
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dollar signs and diamonds are the kind of gangster/rapper imaging that in my opinion has ruined grassroots basketball.

they're irrelevant to basketball and are the kind of cross-promotion that only 12-year-olds who are trying to act harder than they really are would be attracted to.

i can already see the kinds of kids who would buy stuff like this...the ones in the over-sized tees who come into the gym with little-to-no-game and screw up the runs for everybody else.

want some advice? brands sell an image, not a product...think about and1, the best example of a start-up hoops apparel company....they sold an image of trash-talking pure glitz, no glamour.....all ball. the image of diamonds, dollar signs, and graffiti you're trying to sell comes of as trite, annoying, and presumptuous.

and another thing, popular logos are simple....the swoosh, the jump man, the adidas flower, the RL horse and rider, the lacoste alligator.......put too much into your logo and you look like you're trying too you're trying to sell a logo....when you should be trying to sell an image.

but then again, i study biology, not what do i know? (except that i wouldn't buy any gear w/ that logo on it)
but then again, i study biology, not what do i know? (except that i wouldn't buy any gear w/ that logo on it)

Well I AM in marketing and that was pretty @#%$ accurate. Maybe you should switch majors?
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