The Roots- Dilla Joints: *Free Download*

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01. Donuts (Outro)
02. Hot %%!+ (I’m Back!)
03. World Full Of Sadness
04. Upper Egypt
05. Stereolab
06. The Stars
07. Antiquity
08. She Said
09. Hall & Oates
10. Eve
11. Look Into Her Eyes
12. Make Em NV
13. Oh! O!
14. Wicked Ways

these are tribute songs to Dilla that Questlove has posted on his SwiftFM profile


After hearing the incredible reinterpretations of some of Dilla’s classics done by ?uestlove and The Roots, we all knew it was inevitable that someone would hop on of those pretty quickly. That someone happens to be Philly’s own Dice Raw, who steps to the challenge and more than holds his own. Dice wrote and recorded, the Dice, Dilla, Pregunta mixtape in less than a week. Features include Charles P Bailey, Rick Friedrich, and Yameen Allworld.
01. Long Time Coming
02. Pregunta
03. Hello World
04. Full
05. Doot Doo Dah Da
06. Players Play
07. Welcome Home
08. The Greatest Rapper Never
09. Offbeat Onbeat
10. Get Ready
11. Turn It Up (Led it Bang)
12. Pour Me a Drink
13. Allworlderlude
14. The End of the Road
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Yo! It's a .rar file, anyone have another version? My D/L was boo boo. PM me if ypu have another version.
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Originally Posted by numbah1grimey

Yo! It's a .rar file, anyone have another version? My D/L was boo boo. PM me if ypu have another version.
just download 7zip (unrarx if youre on a mac)
i don't see any zip versions out there
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This is so sick! Is this a new release?

I still play some tracks off of the "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Sandwiches" everyday
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Yeah these tracks are dope. Very good listen.  Hall & Oates is dope...I would have loved to have heard Blackthought rip that.
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