The Shenmue Appreciation Post Vol. 1986

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After talking to fellow NTer AirJordanSeattle23, I felt it was only proper to show one of the greatest video games of all time some love... Shenmue!  This game had everything from a built-in fighting engine first utilized in the prototypical fighting game series Virtua Fighter; an arcade where you could play classic Sega games, and missions that ranged from you taking care of a kitten to putting together the pieces to your father's death.  I'm still waiting for volumes 3-16 to come out.


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This game was ground-breaking but it was mundane at times.....this and Zelda were the first games I remember being so engrossed in that I literally became the character.
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OG Shenmue Dojo member checking in. Biggest fan of Shenmue on here, I still have a DS sealed copy.


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Originally Posted by kash55

My fondest memory of playing videogames as a kid is Shenmue.
DREAMCAST is the best and will always be the best bday present I've ever gotten.
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Originally Posted by knightngale

it will never happen

it would if the game was as good as some people make it out to be

It really is/was though. This game is up there with Final Fantasys, Zeldas, Metal Gears..
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for those of you that liked shenmue, do yourself a favor and check out the yakuza series. specifically, yakuza 3 for PS3 (it includes backstory vids from 1&2)

it's also by sega and is probably best described as a cross between shenmue and GTA... IMO it's better than both. i'm at 51% completion and 57 hours playtime so far... story by itself will take you 25+ hours, but between side missions and minigames you'll be totally engrossed.


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I remember getting this for Christmas around the time it came out. I beat it in one day.

Never have I been so enthralled and immersed in a game. My favorite part is finding the old scrolls and learning new moves. Oh and that damn forklift.

1 left much to be desired. Never got two.

This is without a doubt Dreamcast's defining game. Shame it was it's apex as well.
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