The Tiger Woods we knew is never coming back, is he?


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One 80 in 17 years; three 80s this year (3rd one yesterday).

Just living off of what was, no?
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I think he'll win one more big tournament or whatever before he retires, but he'll never be dominant again, sadly.
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As an avid golfer I have always looked up to him and he was one of the greatest athletes of our generation.

But his fall from the top has been so sudden unlike anything I've ever seen. The game is played between the ears and he has lost his confidence and just doesn't play enough anymore.

I hope he finds a way to come back and at least be decent but it's doubtful at this point.
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They say he was crushing it during practices before this current tournament so I think it really is mental for the most part now.
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Hurts me to say this but I'm almost positive he's finished.

Dude won the US Open on one leg...

The edge he had on the field in his prime was ridiculous.
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And to think he was Tour player of the year with 5 wins just in where he is now is quite sad


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It's clearly all in his head - and I'm not sure he ever had that mental toughness. He was such an athletic freak at an early age that he didn't develop that game. It's apparent in all the tinkering - he'll try anything because he can't do it himself.

It's funny to think that there are 16 year olds who only remember this Tiger - they don't get the hype because they didn't see the dominance.

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He plays golf swing instead of golf.

He was striping it on the range yesterday. On the course with a driver you can see how much he dips with his swing.

Couldnt believe that topped 3 wood he hit on 18 yetserday.
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I don't understand how he became this bad, I understand losing a step but good lord, he doesn't look anything like the dominant Tiger he once was

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I don't understand how he became this bad, I understand losing a step but good lord, he doesn't look anything like the dominant Tiger he once was
I'm convinced that clubbing that Elin gave him, threw something off. But I could be wrong lol
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His confidence is shot to bits. He is more uptight and rigid than ever. I think if his father were still alive, he'd be able to get some motivation or advice. He would be the only person able capable of giving Tiger some tough love and a true critique of not only his game, but his extramarital affair.


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I still think he should go back to Butch. Like beg and plead Butch to take him back

He is trying to go back to the swing he had before Haney, but all he swing left crap Foley taught him seems to be messing him up

His pivot seems weird, he can't keep the height in his swing, he is quick as hell from the top. **** you think he couple fix in a couple weeks but he can't seem to be able to do it.

On the range everyone says he is crushing the ball, so apparently she can play with this new swing too, so there must be a mental block there.

Tiger might have broke his swing changing it so much. Dude is on this fifth major swing change. And this goal with this one is to get back to swing how he used to when he was young :smh: :lol:

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This excludes his latest swing. Most overhaul swing once, Tiger is on like 5
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seeing Tiger fall off this hard is kinda disappointing especially since it has Mickelson stans feeling good 
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