The Wife Type - Christine Centenera (Yes, pics are included!)

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My first thread co-signing a chick in a very, very long time but I had to do it.  Christine Centenera is the Fashion Editor at Harper's Baazar in Australia and I think she's like 28 or so, give or take a year or two.  From the pics, shorty's style is impeccable and not to mention she is cute as hell.  I'd personally take this type of chick over the Kimmy Kardash, Amber Rose type any day.   She reminds me of a mix b/w Katie Holmes and Cassie.  I can definitely see her moving to NYC and becoming the socialite type, she'd sh/t on these girls.

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I don't know about "cute as hell" or cute for that matter. She's easy to look at.........but does she smile?
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