Which team is most overrated? (Pick two)

  • Clippers

  • Celtics

  • Seventy Sixers

  • Bucks

  • Rockets

  • Nuggets

  • Jazz

  • Nets

  • Warriors

  • Pacers

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Joined Jan 2, 2012
If fans aren’t allowed in the arena I wonder how much money cole would even generate in the preseason. Maybe you could hike up the prices of the advertising spots during the games but beyond that idk

A Cole jersey might move a lot
You know this is why we're even having this conversation... Money> The Game.
Joined May 6, 2015
Well Cole supposedly "destroying NBA players" in a pickup game last year... Well if you count hitting open 3 pointers destroying guys. That's literally the only shots we see him make in this vid lol.

Joined Jun 9, 2020
I mean I get it, because they have a very flawed team they gotta do what works. The problem is how they're constructed and they're bad at adjustments. They have no plan B. Morrey ain't as smart as he thought at putting a team together.
ehh, I don't think this is a fair criticism of Morey. Morey took over in 2007-2008 and the rockets haven't had a losing season since. in all but 3 seasons, they've been a top 4 seed in the west (1 was a tie with portland dropping them to 5th). since 2016-2017 the rockets were arguably a top 4-5 team in the entire NBA. just two years ago they won 65 games and if not for Chris Paul's hamstring pull, likely have a championship.

then the team sells to an owner which financially restricts morey from keeping critical pieces. Chris Paul plays less games and his production drops across the board. he fails to score 20 points in 9 of the team's 11 playoff games as a team's 2nd star. despite that, the rockets are still probably the 3rd best team in the league last year. CP and James stop getting along, and Morey flips it into Russ. It's bumpy early and recognizable that Capela crowds the paint for Russ, so Morey moves him for covington and Russ has his best stretch in years.

do they have flaws? sure. I don't always agree with the methodology and style he goes with. I've even said we should move on from a strictly analytical approach. despite all that Morey has done a pretty good job at being creative with the cap and putting forth a competitive roster. it's always easy to say "well they need XYZ" but XYZ aren't always available.

This. I commend Morey for his creativity and willing to take risks. He's always willing to try something new as opposed to running the same teams back to get the same results.
QFE. when viewed in a vacuum, it's frustrating essentially conceding the glass with the idea of out shooting the other team from 3 at a high enough margin to win. viewed in full context, Russ and Harden can't properly coexist if there is a third player on the floor that is not a floor spacer. it allows teams to double harden at half court, and you can still cover russ coming down hill because there's help off of the non shooter (capela). going small allows russ more space attacking 4 on 3 after a harden double. he either has a layup or we're getting an open 3. just look where these doubles are taking place :lol:

The more i've read from beat reporters (i recommend kelly iko and alykhan bijani) they're not opposed to playing bigs. it's just non floor spacing bigs that don't fit. they'd love to have an Ibaka, Gallo, Bjelica, Jerami Grant type player who still space the floor on offense, and provide more rebounding presence than PJ Tucker and Jeff Green, but those guys aren't just readily available waiting to be snagged. That's why I mentioned that Eric Gordon is likely going to be available in the offseason. His 16M salary, 5.8 in various trade exceptions that while can't be aggregated, can acquire players to be aggregated, and biannual exception (3.6M and likely useless) will all be tools to fill that void.

Mark Antony

Joined Apr 30, 2010
A 35 year old man....who hasn’t played competitive basketball since The year 2004..... 2 0 0 4

Gets invited to a tryout for an NBA Team :lol:

Ehh, that's just under the marketing budget, I wouldn't overthink it. You just get this instead of a contortionist at halftime or some ****. I get the optics of it though.
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Rockets being out rebounded is going to be a nightly thing, y’all gone act shocked every time y’all see the numbers? Lol

Bucks were plus 29 on the boards and still loss.

harden and Russ never got in rhythm plus blazers pretty much needed to win that game 🤷🏾‍♂️

Lakers Tomorrow:evil:
Harden got screwed on foul calls. I know people gonna think it's ironic. But it was booty cheeks. That 5th foul was 😐
Joined Mar 16, 2010
For all the initial skepticism and jokes over the bubble idea at the onset, I've gotta hand it to the league for doing all they can and their due diligence to make this work.

They've handled the entire situation more responsibly with more caution, seriousness and planning than any of the other major NA pro leagues and it's been working to their benefit.

Looks like they'll be able to finish the season without too many hiccups after all.
Joined Jun 24, 2005
It took JJJ going down to Taylor Jenkins to:

- play Kyle Anderson more as the primary ball handler with Ja our (since Tyus still out)

- play Dieng (somehow Tolliver was getting minutes over him)

glad to see DB doing his thing and Ja stepping up early on too.
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