Which team is most overrated? (Pick two)

  • Clippers

  • Celtics

  • Seventy Sixers

  • Bucks

  • Rockets

  • Nuggets

  • Jazz

  • Nets

  • Warriors

  • Pacers

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Joined Feb 17, 2019
1. Lakers
2. Nuggets
3. Clippers
4. Jazz
5. Rockets
6. Mavericks
7. Thunder
8. Blazers

If playoff seeding end up like this, Clippers gonna be worn down by the WCF after facing Dallas and most likely Denver, before meeting the Lakers, who would get through Portland with relative ease and would most likely dispatch the Utah-Hou winner in 6 games or less.

Clips got their work cut out for them. Chemistry, or lack thereof, may end up hurting the Clips in the playoffs.

I still dont see any team in the West beating Bron, AD, Dwight, Caruso and Co. 4 times outta 7 when the playoffs roll around.
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His shooting was BAD up until the last 3 min lol. Did everything else pretty well though, but man his bad shooting games are really bad.
He usually knocks down those turn-around jumpers, and elbow shots with ease. But when it's bad... it's really awful to watch :lol:
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Was a big Hayward fan, but dude doesnt have a killer instinct. Honestly doesnt even he looks like he cares so much about the game. He knows hes good, and thats enough for him. Literally playing for just a payday.


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I dont see the Celtics winning another chip in my lifetime lol.

Meanwhile my squad most likely gonna win another 5 more in the next 15 because, well, it's the Lakers, the ultimate kings of pro basketball lol

Good chance of that happening they ain't won but once in the last 34 years.
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Hayward’s been alright. He doesn’t need to force a lot of shots since he has Jaylen/Jayson/Kemba as scoring options. He just needs to find a way to be consistent when he has the ball cuz he has streaky tendencies that are night and day.
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Still pretty wild to me that Eddy Curry had someone that he could call a friend put their name on his will. I don't mean to blame the victim in that or any case, but I feel like that level of scammery should've come with some telltale signs, unless you're dealing with a straight psychopath. His wife was a bit more prescient, so maybe there were signs, but sheesh.

Idc how long we've been friends, you finna have to see me about that one.
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Clips lose on the road to Philly and Boston (2OT) and they are 2nd round outs according to the MLGA G Leaguer, yet the Lakers lost to the same 2 teams by a combined 49 points but they are all good :lol:
Seems like a lot of confirmation bias going on with both the Lakers and Clippers..
You in particular had the Lakers as a 4 seed lmao
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This time last year Paul George was 3rd or 2nd on MVP ladders and now he's out even making the AST. Injuries are crazy man.
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