"There will be another brief period of maintenance starting at 3:40 EDT"

Joined Nov 7, 2004
why do we continue to use yuku?

i'm sure there are some better alternatives and it seems we have had constant problems with yuku ever since the switch from ez-board.
Joined Sep 28, 2004
how viable is just moving cold turkey. we lose everything and everyone and everything just starts fresh someplace else. its the people here that provide the content so nothing really changes
Joined Jun 22, 2000
What good would "raiding that forum with our nonsense" do?

Your complaints are legitimate. Express them there and they'll have a better sense of how many people are being affected by whatever it is they are or aren't doing.

As for your questions regarding the frequency of these maintenance outages, ChrisW962 (?) is in a better position to answer them than I am.

Regarding why we're still with Yuku, I'll find Meth's recent reply and re-post it here or post my own, similar, opinion here when I have the time.
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