Things beautiful women wear that men hate....Vol...does that exist?

Joined Apr 15, 2004
if i saw draya michele, or whomever you think is fine.... rockin some foamz, or leather sweats, or white socks, or grills, or camo, or foams, or all black, i would probably like her MORE.

but even in terms of AWGs or ABGs if she was wearing fakes, or south pole, or uggz, does that even matter?

does the beautifulness of a woman over ride her wardrobe?

in b4

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Joined Apr 5, 2006
That complex list hurt your heart that bad bro? You must of had everything on the list huh?

Who cares what a girl wears, a beautiful women will still be beautiful
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Girls in Js and other bulky basketball sneakers gross me out.

I know a lot of NTers have some sort of fetish for this so flame suit on...
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don't eem care.

don't really like weave, but if she made it look good i wouldn't care about that either.
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"In the last 3 hours you've taken out your eyeballs, your fingernails, your eyelids, and your hair. What other parts of you can I get at the mall? "

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