Things to do around TO downtown

Jul 12, 2004
Hey guys,

I'll be flying over to Toronto for a conference in a few weeks and wondering if you locals would recommend me places to visit within the downtown radius. I don't want to take a taxi, cause my company won't expense unncessary costs. I'm going to be at the Fairmont and would love to know where certain places are GREAT to visit. I'm hoping to catch a baseball game too!

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Yo if you want to catch the Jays play, go tuesdays if you reaaaally want to grab some tickets at a real bargain price. $2 each tic on the 500 level. Can't go wrong, then sneak down if you have too. Always works lol.
If you want to stay down, there are lots of scalpers that sell tickets at the 100 level at really decent prices.

We also ahve some fly clubs.
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for sure man ^^^ jays games are always a blast, well theres the mall eatons center and paramount movie theatre like 15 min walk away
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Well... of course I like kicks. But I actually do not intend on buying anything! I'm not checking in any bags, and I really don't want to! I'm just carrying a carry on bag and that's all the luggage I'm bringing there.

That's definitely a great idea, but I'm actually arriving on a Tuesday night, so I won't be able to get there. Is it only $2 Tuesday's? I'm thinking of catching a New York Yankees vs. TO game.

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if you have time. check out the club scene downtown.
espically since its getting warm the women are wearing less and less
check out kensington market, pretty chillin and relaxing down there
club scene
various stores on young st.
eaton center
Question, for those that have also travelled to Vancouver. IS Yonge St. similar to Robson in Vancouver?

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^ It's a mix of 3 main streets.

- Yonge Street.
- Queen Street (Fashion District)
- Bloor St between St George & Yonge Street (Yorkville)
its similar to robson around the bloor area.
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i always try to avoid Yonge street. With the exception of a a few good stores, most of the stuff I can find elsewhere with less hassle and less traffic. You're better off browsing Queen, Kensington, Yorkville, or even College (Little Italy).

Toronto FC play on the 19th. I haven't been yet, but apparently the new outdoor stadium is nice and tix aren't that expensive.
^ Don't eat anything around that area though.
I heard they got some maaaad rat problems down there recently.
Haven't been there recently though, I'm going to come down sometime soon.... anything new up there though? They still got some vintage stores there right?

Hit the club scene around the weekend. Richmond and Peter is the place to be pretty much.

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don't forget goodfoot :smile:
Hey guys, for the blue jays' game, when do they stop checking your ticket when you go through the section entry ways?

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