Things to do in Lansing

Dec 22, 2006
what are some good things to do?
i know there are crazy partys

where are some good places for kicks and fitteds?

BTW im a Freshman at MSU
" Wait'll they get a load of ME!"​
Its welcome week, so just show up on campus and your gonna have a great time.
Team Wolverine
Fire Millen​
There aren't any good places to buy shoes and fitteds in my opinion. I always swing by Urban Outfitters on Grand River they always have Nikes on sale. But other than that you can hit up the Malls for GRs. No Urban Accounts though.
fitteds at lids, and thats about it. any store thats claiming exclusives is bootleg in lansing.
No Premier/ACK in Lansing yet?
Hmm. Thought I heard something about that.

Somebody better open something there or I'm gonna need to
take a look at some real estate soon.
Nike would have absolutely no problem opening
an account around campus up there. For real.
Anyone got an extra 100K to throw in?
Just Do It.'s all just hear-say anyway.
^Sounds like good news. Care to elaborate?

BTW Guilty Simpson and Black Milk are at Macs Bar this Friday. I suggest checking it out if you're gonna be around Lansing.
Premier will be opening it's 2nd store this fall in Lansing.

We will be putting together some sort of Party / Grand Opening as it gets closer.

We'll keep you posted with the details these coming months.
Im not fimiliar with Premiers inventory. Do they carry forces, jays, dunks, custom fitteds?
" Wait'll they get a load of ME!"​
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