Things to do in the Boston/Ma area??


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Might be heading down there today from NYC for a few days....

what are some of the best spots, places & things to do over there..

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You 21? I live here and if you aint 21 partying is wack...but I live here head downtown plenty of stuff to do there
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their burgers > life....and im not from boston im a NYer, but im def hittin up at least bos burg. co. when i go later this week

newbury st is also nice this season. shopping/mad biddies walking around too

nightlife wise, its a bar town. period.

if you don't mind educational tours, north end is mad historical. walk around and check it out. steer clear of south boston and dorchester, its nothing but thick boston accents


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thanks for the heads up guys.. will keep those places in mind, and any good shopping malls?

And yes i am over 21
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If your looking to shop, head down to downtown crossing on the MBTA Subway Red/ Orange Line.... your could also take the Blue line to the aquarium. Plenty to do around that area on the boardwalk and such.
Copley sq is good too
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Partying in Boston is THE wackest scene I have ever been in....clubs close at last call (1:45), there are dress codes for the "urban" clubs, but the people look like clowns in their Sunday church attire. Like, I can't get in with a pair of dressy sneakers and fitted jeans, but a dude in shiny suit can get in looking like diddy from '99 can?  awful....

If you want shopping, drive up to Kittery Maine (ton of outlets) or Portsmouth, New Hampshire (there's a nike employee store up there
) or even south on 95 to Wrentham Outlets...
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