Things to do in the Marin County Area

Apr 11, 2007
Hey I am going to visit my cousins there soon and I was wondering if anybody know anything to do in this area. I will have a car so are there any actual city in this area and if there is anything worth going to
What part of marin are u goin to and how old are u?? There are many fine restaruant mad bars to go to but not really a nightlife scene. If u can drink I would go to Sam's in tiburon during the day and get drinks, the best views of the city ever. And u know were very close to the city?? just over the golden gate. And also u should visit stinson beach and go up on mt Tam if u can. good luck...if u have any questions let me know
If you want to check out a city, Marin is not the place, roll to San Fran or Oakland/Berkeley. You should drive around in the Marin Headlands and check out the amazing views and natural/unnatural scenes. Go to Hawk Hill which is the first hill West of the GGB on the Marin side, a little taller than Godzilla. There are some huuuge Guns of Navarrone style turrets in an old military fort which is cool. Also, like NikeStatus said, hit up Mount Tamalpais, and Stinson Beach is dope too but look out for Great Whites. Check out Sausalito as well, it's a real pleasant tourist based town on the water, and if the weather is nice hit up Scoma's for lunch. It's a good seafood restaurant where you can sit outside to eat and it wont break the bank. Cafe Trieste is right down the street as well, and they have good coffee. You should have a good time for sure.
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