Things You Want To Do Before Dying...

Joined Mar 22, 2007
Learn to speak Russian, Spanish, French.
Learn to produce beats and remix songs.
Learn to play hockey.
Visit every continent.
Audition for a Hollywood Movie.
Meet Kobe Bryant, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Phil Jackson.
Have kids and get married.
Find the meaning of my life, and find religious faith in my life.
Just a few off the top of my head.

Sure you guys got some good ones.
Joined Nov 20, 2007
Live for 10 million years and not age
World domination
Break Wilt Chamberlain's record and I'm not talking about on the court
Joined Mar 4, 2009
Most of them are imporbable, but here goes:

-travel in space
-visit every continent
-live in Japan for a few years, just because of how much i love its culture
-go on a lone road trip on a motorcycle, don't know when i'll return
-create my own manga/comic series
-become an artist/design shoes for Nike or any other company
-walk on the moon
-meet MJ, Kob, Bron, or any NBA superstar and chat with them a little
-settle down, have a good life.
Joined Aug 27, 2006
Make sure my son goes to college
Travel to Paris/Tokyo/London
Buy atleast 1 pair of shoes that cost more than 1,000 bucks
Buy a house that more than just meets my families needs
Me, my wife, and my son get baptized...

jt air jt

Joined Jan 14, 2006
Kill someone while smoking a blunt. Bring them back to life and the @#$% on them with some kind of video game console.

On a more serious note, learn all kinds of musical instruments word to Prince, travel, meet a lot of people, eat food, maybe drop acid, idk.

On an even more serious note, become a "true" man.

"It's the game of life. Do I win or do I lose? One day they're gonna shut the game down. I gotta have as much fun and go around the board as manytimes as I can before it's my turn to leave." Tupac Shakur
Joined Jul 6, 2008
travel. ive never traveled before. money is gonna be tight the next few years though. i dont think ill ever be able to go on vacation at this rate

meet one of my favorite bands. not on some autograph/talk about next album type %#%%. id rather have a real one on one conversation. some of my favorite bandsseem really down to earth. most arent caught up in that trendy hollywood scene simply because theyre not big enough and dont have that kind of attitude.

and parasail/paraglide. that would be dope
Joined Jun 14, 2006
travel to a lot of places
have my own family
go on a cruise.
visit that place where utah, new mexico, arizona, and colorado meet up
visit white castle
Joined Jun 5, 2008
have relationships and sex with alot of girls.
work and make as much money as i can
have a child or two and hope to live to see them.
party hard
get a tahoe on 30 inches
buy the infrared retros with the nike air on the back that i let go because i chose a psone instead.
get married.
speak my mind and watch how people will agree and support what i say.
Joined Jun 28, 2007
Go to Japan
Go to London
Go Italy
Rent a Lamborghini or Ferrari and drive it on the Autobahn
Play in an exhibition game for the Yankees like Billy Crystal did
Buy and fly one of these things

My life will be soooooooooo complete after
Joined Apr 24, 2003
-Travel everywhere with no destination at any given time...just go!
-Make a difference in more people's lives
-Install my values and views into my chlidren that I'll have someday
-Watch my children grow and become happy and successful
-Sing in front of a lot of people and not care
-Watch all the movies everyone says you should see
-Be in a movie
-Leave a legacy


Joined Dec 11, 2007
I speak French and Spanish.
I would also like to learn Portuguese , Italian, German and Arabic.

I just need a few answers in human anthropology.
Did Europeans evolve from Neanderthals ( I doubt it) and Asians, #+$% erectus.
I would like to know where anatomically modern humans began and their folk migrations through the world.

"To die with money is to die a disgrace." -Andrew Carnegie

Most definitely will be giving back to the community monetarily and morally.

As for answers to questions of life, I have my elders for that.
Joined Sep 8, 2006
Travel the world (pyramids especially)
Find happiness
Find a career (not a job) that I enjoy
Meet up with old friends that I have not seen for years
Joined Dec 2, 2007
Step foot on every continent
Build a computer (I've been procrastinating on this one)
Go to a Lakers game
Go to a Camron concert
Write a book
Joined Oct 24, 2007
I kinda just wanna do something where the world remembers me...something spectacular like end world hunger...
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