This dude Kid Cudi head mass vol. little jason kidd has a challenger

Joined Nov 18, 2007

im watching how to make it in america and loling how you have greg odens dome on a 12 year old body
Joined May 25, 2001
at least he got that muscular !@@ neck though, damn near as wide as his waist. But did he use to be fat or something? and taller? I thought this had to be one of your PS jobs until I right clicked. I bet he wears a size ∞ fitted

black leg

formerly shaqtus92
Joined Feb 15, 2009
Wait, wait, wait, hold on, there is no one touching J.Kidd's son's cranium. Dudes head is the size of Pluto
Joined Jun 28, 2007
At first I was like, nah you guys are buggin, his head isnt that big

Then I looked at the picture longer,

That cant be real
Joined Aug 1, 2005
first time really looking at the pic, had me thinking of NBA jam big head mode and look and those girl arms.....
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