This Guy Just Sign To CBA And Already Got A MVP All Star trophy Lol Vol. Stephon Marbury Is Smart

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I can't hate on this dude lol, he's really doing him out there, props to him
, ive made threads about marbury joining the cba and his first game stats, hes one of my favorite player, but cot damn, hes making a name for himself already.

[h2]Marbury Wins MVP Of Chinese League All-Star Game[/h2]
Mar 22, 2010 7:11 PM EST

Stephon Marbury scored 30 points on his way to winning MVP of the all-star game of the Chinese Basketball Association.

"I didn't expect anything before the game," said Marbury, who plays for Shanxi. "I just wanted to have fun here. But I do think I made some impact on this game."

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No matter how "off" and "crazy" he seems, Steph will never be one of those NBA cats that ends up broke.

Steph will forever be that dude to me

big j 33

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Congrats on winning the all-star MVP... if only he could actually win some games out there.

His team is currently in last place, 4-28.


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One dribble after halfcourt, then walks away after the shot.

Son was super feeling it in that clip.

Now if only he could do that against an NBA team...
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Was my favorite athlete at this point in his life:

And like AMP said, he will ALWAYS be that dude to me.

Also, if anyone knows where I can pick those up in a sz. 9, hit me up (the And-1 Starbury 2's as well
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Wow so awesome he might as well be playing at the local YMCA. Super awesome that he's dropping 30 on the best China has to offer, and even cooler that he's the best all star they got. Frankly how sad would it have been had he NOT won the All Star MVP???
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Good for him though the level of competitiveness in that league allows for an easy 30 pts per game from most experienced players
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allen iverson would be a GOD if he ever played in china. dude should consider overseas in europe if he is really having financial troubles
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Originally Posted by DMan14

allen iverson would be a GOD if he ever played in china. dude should consider overseas in europe if he is really having financial troubles
That's what I'm saying.

LOL at your avy.

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might as well give dude the season MVP, finals MVP too.

Marbury is the (#&$*(# in China.

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son must be getting clean and detoxed out there. that will get you focused to launch threes from distance with ease.
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