This might be the World's toughest sport... volleyball x hacky sack on steroids

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Someone showed me this video today at work, and I thought I'd share. Game is called Sepak Takraw, and apparently it's rather popular in Asia.

Can only use your head, legs, and chest to touch the ball. 
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Game is

Looks like you have to be 5'5 - 130 lbs and under to be good.
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Sepak Takraw is an amazing game to watch. Me used to living in Korea, I used to watch this event all the time whenever the Asian Games (sort of like Pan-Am games in here) comes around. The moves that these dudes pull out is amazing. 
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I have none of the requisite skills for this game.

Like, wow. A bicycle kick is the main way they hit it over the net. Dudes are doing BICYCLE KICKS like they are forehands in tennis or spikes in volley ball
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