This story is crazy! A man was found dead on a beach in 1948; his identity is still a mystery.


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I'm not able to properly embed this story. If someone could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. This is a must-read story. Straight outta Hollywood. http://blogs.smithsonianm...-body-on-somerton-beach/
[h2]August 12, 2011[/h2] [h3]The Body on Somerton Beach[/h3]

Mortuary photo of the unknown man found dead on Somerton Beach, south of Adelaide, Australia, in December 1948. Sixty-three years later, the man's identity remains a mystery, and it's still not clear how – or even if – he was murdered.

Most murders aren’t that difficult to solve. The husband did it. The wife did it. The boyfriend did it, or the ex-boyfriend did. The crimes fit a pattern, the motives are generally clear.

Of course, there are always a handful of cases that don’t fit the template, where the killer is a stranger or the reason for the killing is bizarre. It’s fair to say, however, that nowadays the authorities usually have something to go on. Thanks in part to advances such as DNA technology, the police are seldom baffled anymore.

They certainly were baffled, though, in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, in December 1948. And the only thing that seems to have changed since then is that a story that began simply—with the discovery of a body on the beach on the first day of that southern summer—has bec0me ever more mysterious. In fact, this case (which remains, theoretically at least, an active investigation) is so opaque that we still do not know the victim’s identity, have no real idea what killed him, and cannot even be certain whether his death was murder or suicide.

What we can say is that the clues in the Somerton Beach mystery (or the enigma of the “Unknown Man,
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Yep, first read this about a year ago on Wikipedia. Would be a classic Hollywood mystery story if it actually was from Hollywood.
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Fascinating. There's a lot of stuff on YouTube about this. Seems like they'll never know unless someone is still alive to step forward


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mannnn.i'm not usually lazy...and I will attempt to read this...but..IT BETTER BE GOOD!
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Crazy. It's too bad they weren't able to question her any further about this. She had to know something.
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Crazy read, Im actually interested especially about the fact there was a seventh edition of a book that doest exist.
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So how did that Glenelg man and the Brother-in-Law obtain that book?
It just magically appeared in back seat of his car? Were they even questioned?

Too many questions. Pretty good story though.
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