This video changed the hood when it dropped. Vol Introducting Project Patta

Joined Jan 30, 2006
i remember singing this song freshman yr of hs and my fat friend only heard the part hungry hungry hippos and he thought i was talking about him.
he didnt believe me when i told him it was in the song, he was salty.
project pat is appreciated
Joined Sep 18, 2003
Originally Posted by ILL LEGAL OPERATION
"i swear i'm going through some thangs.....but i gotta snap back
give it all to God. Put the pistol and the crack back"

Layin the Smack Down = classic
Joined Dec 21, 2002
Sorry but, " Out There " aka Blunt to my lips is the best song on this cd.

Blunt to my lipsssssssssssss.
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